Easy DIY Home Decor Crafts Your Friends Will Actually Like

Surrounding yourself with pretty things and beautiful home décor crafts, you automatically ban bad mood. Giving such DIY gifts to friends, you share your positive energy and show your attentive attitude. Thus, what can be better than a hand-made personalized pressie, which will ideally work with their room?

Adding your personal touch to home décor makes any house feel much more like home – cozy, warm, and always welcoming. And just imagine your friends’ faces when you tell them you made that piece of art yourself! Besides, home décor crafts usually don’t require a lot of investment, so this easy gift for friends will be budget-friendly as well.

In this gallery, you’ll find several really cool but almost effortless and not very time-consuming ideas of DIY home decorations everyone will actually like. Come on, have fun! Alternatively you can check out more from the Painting Kits store for ready-made DIY crafts and paint by numbers kits.

Vinyl Bowl

Can you imagine that all those old vinyl records can get the second life and become a stylish part of a house interior?

All you need is to put a vinyl on an oven-safe bowl which is about the size you want your record bowl to be (it should be placed upside-down), put this construction into the oven, and wait till it starts melting (about 10 minutes in a preheated to 200 degrees oven). After that, take it out and correct the shape of your bowl as you like (don’t forget to wear gloves!). You can also varnish the labels so they’re washable or paint the whole bowl.

Such really awesome and stylish bowls can serve as a cookware, a flowerpot, a vase, or just an element of décor. What a great & easy gift for your friends and relatives!






Newspaper Papertubes Pendant Lamp

An average pendant lamp is too boring? Give it a fashion twist with minimal efforts and minimal expenses. Just take an old newspaper or a magazine, roll the pages into paper tubes, and glue them together to form a unique pendant lamp design.



DIY Mosaic CD Mirror

How about upgrading an old mirror with a CD mosaic décor as a cute DIY gift for a friend?

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Break you useless CDs and DVDs (or cut them with a box cutter), and place these pieces randomly around the mirror frame. You can also experiment with rolled up paper to play with the frame shape. Incredible look with the minimum of efforts – a perfect recipe!



DIY Vase Easy Gift for Friends

This DIY home décor idea is probably the easiest on our list. All you need is to buy a spray paint and a vase or even take an old vine, soda, beer bottle instead. Step two: spray your perfect color throughout the vase or paint only a part of it. The only secret is to choose the right color to match the room interior ideally.



Recycled Sweater Pillowcase

Have an old cozy sweater, which you can’t wear anymore but you still love it and can’t throw away? Give it another shot as a magnificent detail of home décor.

To create this easy gift for friends, you’ll need a pillow insert and a large sweater (make sure it’s not dirty or shredded). Sew the right sides of the sweater together, leaving the bottom open for an insert and enjoy your unique pillowcase, which will definitely spice up any room.





These DIY home decor crafts are very simple, but they do make a huge difference in coziness and style of a house décor. Just keep creative and have fun.

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