Why to Have Dual Roller Blinds for Your Home or Office?

Homemakers of late are inclining more towards installation of dual roller blinds in their homes due to their style and efficiency. The best part about these beautiful blinds are that they can be styled according to the look of your room and can be modified to suit the atmosphere of your house during night or day. These multipurpose blinds are not only a favourite amongst home interior designers these days, but also much preferred by offices and commercial spaces. The best part about these blinds are they are highly space saving fitting into a single window bracket with one blind behind the other. Here are some advantages of having dual roller blinds at your home or office.

Advantages of dual roller blinds:

High Flexibility

The blinds are available in multiple materials, fabrics and colors to suit your requirement. Your can use a combination of two materials on the blinds that are placed over one another in a single bracket so you can keep one open and the other closed according to your requirements. If you want mild light to come in, you can choose the material accordingly, while if you want complete protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun you may go in for heavier materials. You can also match the color of your blinds according to the look of your room to create a perfect ambience.

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Easy Maintenance

Of the variety of blinds available, dual roller blinds are easiest to maintain. You can get the blinds cleaned by simply removing the surface dust with a piece of wet cloth.

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Simple to Use

These blinds are simplest to use of all blind types available. The mechanism used can be understood by one and all, even by your little children. The blinds can be opened and shut with a simple pull of a chain, while if you go in for a more expensive version, you can also operate the blinds with the help of a remote control. The 2 blinds when pulled slide in opposite directions in a neat manner giving you complete view out of your window without any distraction.

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Controls Room Temperature

By obstructing the high UV sun rays, these blinds are best in controlling the temperature of the room with ease and are thus best for places with extreme climates.

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Choose between the light and the dark

The best part about dual roller blinds is that you can create them using two kinds of fabric – one that is light and lets in light and one that is dark that obstructs light and brings in complete darkness. So you can choose how you want your room to be during daytime, full of light or completely dark with the installation of just the blind in just one single bracket.

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Value for Money

The dual functionality of these blinds make them real value for money product to purchase. So without spending on separate fabric costs you can have two different types of fabrics for your blinds without paying a penny extra. Besides, they can be availed at the same cost of a single roller blind but with additional facilities and features, so why not go for it!

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Dual roller blinds are the best representation of design and durability. The combination of a sun screen roller blind and a complete blackout blind make these blinds stand out best in terms of functionalities. If you are really concerned about how blinds can enhance the look of your home or office, these blinds are just the right answer. The finishing is sharp and completely enhances the look of your house – so go ahead and invest in a stylish one.

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