Double Glazed Windows: The Advantages

The main functions of windows are letting the sunlight in, while preventing the air and other objects to do the same, and providing insulation. Still, not all windows are the same and they are performing their functions with different levels of successfulness.

Unlike ordinary windows, which are letting the heat flow through them with minimal resistance, double glazed are designed to let the same amount of light in, while stopping the heat movement. This makes them great insulators. They have some other advantages, too. Now, let us dive in deeper into the topic, and see how your home can benefit from installing double glazed windows.

Protective Structure

Double glazing means that there are two panes of glass and a layer of air trapped between them. This provides very good insulation, because there is little to no air leaks between the glass panes. Besides, there is possibility of putting a desiccant between the layers of glass, to absorb moisture and stop fog formation in the middle. The windows can also be covered with reflective coating.



With double amount of glass blocking the heat movement and trapped air in the middle, double glazed windows are making your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. They pose a barrier for cold temperatures and reduce the impact of hot temperatures from the outside. Some heat can, however, flow through them, but much slower, and the loss of heat is more than 50 percent less than with single glazed windows.

Benefits of Coatings

There is a possibility of additionally improving double glazed windows with coatings. Depending on your needs, you can opt for different coatings. A reflective metallic coating on the external pane, for example, is used for stopping infrared radiation and preventing the heat from coming inside. In a recent chat with the people from Magnetite, I learned that if the same coating is added to the outside of the inner pane, the heat is prevented from leaving the house and the space is made warmer.

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Energy Saving

There is a reason why their second name is energy-efficient windows. Because your home will lose less heat or let in less heat during the hot days, you’ll spend less energy for heating/cooling. That way, you’ll not only reduce your bills, but carbon footprint too. To find out just how energy-efficient the windows are, you should always check the energy rating (ranging from A to E). The overall efficiency depends on the solar heat gain, U-Value (the ability to transfer the heat) and the air leakage rate.


Sound Proofing

If your house is in a noisy neighborhood, you’ll benefit in one more way from installing double glazed windows. Having two layers of glass with an air gap in between is helping diluting the noise and maintaining your home’s quite environment. Should you decide for laminated acoustic double glazed windows, you’ll gain even more efficient noise reduction, because they can decrease the noise by up to 35 decibels. Using thicker glass and having a wide cavity between the glass panes will add up to the efficiency.

Decreased UV Damage

One of the many advantages of double glazed windows is that they act as if you’ve applied sunscreen to them. The glass is deflecting UV rays and thus reducing the amount of damaging effects inside the house. Tinted glass is one of the best choices for protecting your home. Even better one is laminated, which can reduce the penetration of UV rays by more than 90 percent.

As you see, double glazed windows are good for your home, great for your budget and necessary for the planet. If you still have any doubts remember that by installing them you are investing in your future, considering they are made to last for at least 20 years.

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