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Do’s & Don’ts of Asking Quote for Your Electrical Work

There are different types of electrical services for which your reliable electrician from Sydney or from your nearby location can provide you service. In many instances, you might want to obtain a quote before the work begins. To get the quote as accurate as possible and to get the most value from your electrician, you need to keep certain things in mind.

What are the services for which you’ll need an electrical quote?

Do’s: Things to keep in mind when requesting a quote

Provide exact specifications for the work clearly that needs to be done

Major Things You Should Check When Evaluating Electrician Quotes

Generally, all licensed electricians will have the requisite certifications to perform electrical work. Ask if they will employ any subcontractors for the job; and if they do, request proof of their license as well.

Regardless of how big or small the job is – electricians in Australia require holding a legitimate license to perform any type of electrical work. Therefore, it is vital that you perform a license check before accepting to a quote and hiring an electrician.

To govern and monitor the quality of electrical work carried out around the country, the Australian government has placed several electrical work standards in place. Your local electrician should be competent enough to recognise the standards that are relevant to your project and accomplish them accordingly. You may also request to include these standards in the quote.

Item wise pricing gives more transparency, which means you won’t disagreeably be taken aback by any hidden costs. Therefore, your local electrician’s quote should comprise a breakdown of the costs in an itemised list if your project demands several components.

Would your electrician assure that they will action on any additional work or repairs required on a job in the warranty period? You should be aware of all terms and conditions, so ensure reading the fine print regarding this aspect.

You should check if your electrician has proper insurance and liability cover. In the absence of an insurance cover, you may be liable for the costs of any unforeseen damages or any accidents that might take place. Thus, ensure to check for proof of insurance cover in your quote.

Visit your electrician’s website to see if they have placed their client’s testimonials as an assurance of their work. If they haven’t, you can request your electrician to give references of their past clients.

Don’ts – Things to Avoid When Requesting For a Quote

In legal and commercial terms, the information that is not clear is not considered as information until it’s made clear. You can request for a revised, correct quote that commits to a definite performance task.

If you have requested a quote for your business establishment or office, go over it in minute detail before seeking approval of the management. Comparative quotes should be evaluated and a report should be submitted for due consideration.

Often low-priced quotes aren’t essentially more beneficial quotes. Key distinctions in quotes may indicate major performance issues. Whereas the costliest quote may be a full-service precise quote that includes high-quality service.

Be mindful of the regulations

Finally, remember that low-priced quote isn’t essentially a pointer of the best quality, so make sure that you do your research accordingly. Ask for testimonials or references and ensure your selected local electrician can offer a warranty or guarantee on the work performed. Also, make sure all services that are rendered are listed and priced individually and the credentials and license of your local electrician are clear on the quote document.

Call expert electricians for all types of electrical services including 24-hour emergency electrical work. Additionally, you may also be interested in knowing when you would need an electrical inspection & why?

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