Don’t Let Pests Get in the Way of Your Summer Plans

Now that’s summer almost here, it’s time to take care of a few things around the home so that pests don’t make themselves comfortable in your space. The rising temperatures of spring and summer can be the perfect environment for some of the most annoying pests of the year. Here are some tips to help you keep the pests from ruining your summer.

Remove Any Standing Water

First, make sure you survey your property for any pools of standing water. Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for summer’s most obnoxious pests, mosquitos. A mosquito treatment in your yard is also a great way to keep them from biting your friends and family members during those summer cookouts.

Wear Tick and Mosquito Spray

Another way you can help protect yourself and your family members is by wearing mosquito and tick spray when you venture outdoors. The threat of mosquitos and ticks can go beyond your own property, and unless you wear long sleeves and pants, you may not be protected. An effective bug spray can keep you comfortable and safe from tick and mosquito bites and related illnesses.

Use Caulk to Seal Windows and Cracks

Next, go through your home and check out the windows and foundation. If you see cracks in the foundation or feel spaces of air coming from your windows, you’ll need to seal them. Bugs can fit through these small spaces and infiltrate your home. A simple tube of caulk can help secure these spaces and keep them from opening the door to pests.

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Clean Out Cupboards and Pantries

You should also pay attention to your kitchen to avoid pests such as ants or fruit flies. Spring is a great time to go through your pantry and kitchen cupboards and do a deep clean. Clear out all dishes and food items and clean out any surfaces. You’ll get rid of crumbs and food particles and keep pests from using them as a food source. A pest company can help you develop an even more comprehensive pest control plan for the kitchen.

Maintain Landscaping Outside

Spring and summer are also a good time of year to trim back on your trees, bushes, and other landscaping to prevent pests from taking up residence. Clear away any dead leaves and debris from the fall and winter so spiders and other pests don’t hide out.

If you need help with your pest control for this summer, contact the experts from Terminix. Don’t let your summer be impacted by irritating pests this year.

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