Do Travelers Live Longer?

“I am too stressed, I need to take a vacation.” This is one rather common sentence we come across on a regular basis. Be it a stressful job, or pressurizing exams, or the hurdles of bringing up a toddler or the likes, most people take small breaks to go away from the city and rejuvenate before coming back. But does this actually work? Does travelling help you live longer? Does it really have the power to remove tension and anxiety from your life?

A popular theory suggests that travelers taking at least 2 trips during the year tend to have a longer lifespan. This is because living in the new city for a few days helps change your body’s physical fitness and your mental health.

Here are some reasons why travelers can live longer.

Travelling reduces stress levels

One of the biggest benefits offered by trips and tours is a reduction in stress levels. Everyday life brings with it a lot of pressure and stress. Doctors often suggest a change in the environment as a remedy for their patients. Getting away from normal life and experiencing another city or country could go a long way in helping you deal with excess stress. This directly results in increased and improved happiness, with reduced depression. Overall, travelling can help you significantly improve your mental health and gives you a much more stable lifestyle.

Traveling boosts your immune system

Believe it or not, travelling can help you increase your immunity. The underlying idea here is that travelling can expose your body to a rough environment and life. As a result of this, the body develops a number of new antibodies which can actually increase your body’s immune system. Taking a few trips a year basically forces the body to adapt to various different kinds of bacteria and that acclimatizes the body and thus makes it stronger in the long run. Thus, the more you travel, the more rough and sturdy your body is expected to be.

Say NO to heart diseases

Various studies have found that travelling frequently can reduce the chances of heart diseases. Taking a break from the usual life and stressful situations can actually make your heart stronger. Very broadly, this can be attributed to the fact that you are keeping your mind off all the worries back home and taking a few days to settle in a new environment. This lack of tension and pressure protects your heart. Thus, taking two trips per year for both men and women reduces their chances of getting a heart attack or similar diseases.

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Travelling increases fitness

Even though we are usually travelling to relax and take a break, we do take on a more exhausting and fit lifestyle during those few days. There may be many aspects to this. For instance, some of us love to try out different adventure sports while going to a new city. This increases our physical fitness. We also tend to walk more during our vacations, especially in the hilly areas, or go on a hiking trail, walk along the beach and the likes. All of these contribute to us having a more physically active body that improves the body’s health.

Traveling heals you inside-out

There are a lot of places around the globe that offer special therapeutic healing features. For instance, there are a lot of natural hot springs in the world. Visiting these places can help your body heal. The natural springs in Costa Rica, for example, comes packed with a lot of mineral-rich water. This goes a long way in getting rid of various germs from the body, healing the skin and improving the overall longevity of life. Apart from that, it helps reduce tension, stress, and anxiety from the body. Moreover, it can help you rejuvenate and remain fresh and active. These energy points on the earth tend to have a rather positive impact on the body.

Travelling improves mental health

Mental health is a very important aspect of our daily lives and our fitness. Remaining physically strong and fit proves to be incomplete unless the individual has a stable mental health. Visiting new places, having new experiences, meeting new people from different cultures help your mind remain sharp and focused. The body and mind are then more aware with better cognitive flexibility. This also removes all emotions of being lonely, being depressed and the likes. This is because such people are more open and can adapt to changing environments more easily. Mental health is positively impacted by taking a few trips during the year.

So, book South America tour, pack your bags, gather your friends, and go out for a break. Doing this a couple of times a year can actually help you stay healthy and increase your lifespan!

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