DIY Headboards for Your Bedroom

Headboards are an expensive piece of furniture that are nonessential to your bed frame. The only thing required for a bed is a good mattress and a basic frame to keep it off the floor if you desire. For this reason, many people choose to make their own headboards. Here are some of the most creative ideas that you can easily construct at home.

Rustic Wood Panels

Rustic headboards are one of the most popular do-it-yourself designs. This requires some old wood panels and a nice coat of varnish. You can purchase wood planks with a tongue and groove design that easily snap into place. One of the quickest ways to distress the wood panels is to pour white vinegar into a spray bottle and warm it slightly. Spray the contents onto the wood and let it dry. This will give the wood a worn appearance that will add character once you apply your varnish.

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Creating a headboard with upholstery is easier than you might think. First, cut your plywood, foam, batting, and fabric to the desired dimensions. You will want to cut the batting and the fabric slightly larger so you will be able to fold it over and staple it to the back of the plywood. After everything has been cut out you will want to glue your foam to the plywood. Next, you will center your batting and staple it to the back of the plywood and then repeat this step with fabric. Attach a few hooks on the back to hang the headboard and you are good to go!

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One of the more creative ideas on the internet is to use an old rug and simply nail it to the wall. This is a perfect way to use the old rug lying around your house and will give a unique design to your walls that you can then design your room around. This is a good opportunity to install dimmer lights and will create a romantic atmosphere.

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Picture Frames

Many of you have children that need extra attention at night-time. Creating a picture frame headboard will allow them to look at pictures of people they love and comfort them before bed. Simply create a basic frame with a solid wood post on each side and two small posts connecting the posts horizontally. You can then hang picture frames across the horizontal posts and your child will be surrounded by images of loved ones.

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The most creative idea is to make a forest headboard that is perfect for an outdoors fanatic. This isn’t as exotic as it sounds and you won’t need to weave together branches. You will begin by constructing your headboard. You can make this any dimensions that fit your desires. You will then paint it any color you want. This will look better if you don’t use upholstery. Next, you will find a few branches that don’t have any leaves left on them. You will paint the branches to match the room and nail them to the headboard. You will then be able to hang decorations from the branches and you can switch them out as often as your heart desires.


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