Discover Some of the Most Notable Spanish Islands in the Mediterranean

It is already this time of the year when you should plan your vacation. So if you are an adventurer and you want to experience something new and exiting, we recommend you to get a map and point to the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the most beautiful seas in the world which is almost completely surrounded by land. To south is Africa, east is Asia and north is Europe. There are many islands you can visit, but for this vacation we recommend the Spanish Islands.

Whether you are from Spain, Europe or elsewhere around the world, visiting the Spanish islands is always a good choice. Before taking this challenge of visiting all the interesting islands in the Mediterranean there are some basic steps you need to take. First, if you are not from Spain you need to book your flight. Then you need to look up for some Spanish rentals and plan all the places where you are going to stay. At the end we also recommend you to book your Mediterranean cruise so you can visit not one, not two, but almost all the islands.

To convince you easier on this trip to the Spanish islands in the Mediterranean just keep on reading.


When it comes to choosing which island to visit first, then the answer is always Ibiza. This island is mostly branded as the parting island of Spain. This for sure is not a lie, but Ibiza can offer everything, not only parties. The urban area is mostly filled with cafes, restaurants and clubs, but just for a minute of driving in every other direction you can explore the other face of Ibiza. Sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and pine forests are representing the real face of this beautiful Balearic island.

To start a perfect day in Ibiza is to find a place to watch the sunrise. You can do that anywhere on the east coast but we recommend you to go on Platja d’en Bossa. After that be ready to start your daily adventure. If you are traveling with your family and your kids then be sure to visit Piruleto Park in Santa Eulalia. It is an indoor fun park with all kinds of activities. If you and your family are more of a thrill seekers then Air Zone Ibiza Park is the real deal for you. From rolling down large hills to running on water or even bouncing of each other, your day will pass here in a blink. Another good thing to do in Ibiza is eating. The food here is incredibly good. Local dishes are offered among all the restaurants and eateries here, so whatever you pick you wont regret.

To watch the sunset you also wont make a mistake if you pick the Ibiza Town or if you choose something more exotic like Cala Conta. After the sun is set, then the nightlife of Ibiza begins. There are many clubs filled with all kinds of people. Young, older, celebrities or ordinary and all of them with one goal, to have most of what this island offer.

Es Vedra

This island is also part of the Balearic Islands. It is a small rocky island that lies south western of Ibiza. Es Vedra is uninhabited but it is a really interesting places to visit. This place together with Bermuda triangle and the North Pole are considered as one of the most powerful geo magnetic forces on Earth. Here the technology stops working as it should. If you want to use your compass and see where the sun will set, then it wont be of any use.

After the trip to Es Vedra, you will be back with unforgettable memories. The stunning views and the romantic sunsets will make you fall in love with this island.

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Formentera is another Island from the group of the Balearic Islands. Here you won’t see shirtless DJs and loud parties. Here you will see endless beauty and that mostly form yachts. This island is like a paradise for yachters.

This island is flat and sandy with many unspoiled beaches. It offers many activities like cycling, working, sailing and snorkeling.

Mallorca (Majorca)

Majorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. It is a island where all of the lovers of sunny beaches, breathtaking landscapes, amazing mountains and delicious Mediterranean food go. In the high seasons the 500km of its coastline receives more than 8 million tourists. It is one of the most visited Spanish islands. While here there are several places you must visit. You can do this by bus or simply by renting a car.

So don’t forget to see Palma de Majorca which is the islands capital city. Serra de Tramuntana, a wonderful mountain range, the busiest beach Playa de Palma, Valldemossa which is a beautiful village and also all the caves that this island offers.

Menorca (Minorca)

Menorca is also known as the little sister. This is one of the most beautiful Balearic islands. Even thou it is smaller than its bigger sister Majorca, here you can find more beaches than combined in Majorca and Ibiza together. Its unspoiled beauty offers an adventurous way of discovering the charms of this island. In 1993 Menorca was designated as biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

This island is mostly quiet so it is a perfect candidate for a family vacation or simply for relaxation. As other Spanish islands, Menorca also offer different kind of activities. Hiking, biking, horse riding, kayaking, sailing and boat tours are just few of the activities you can attend during your time here.

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