Different Ways of Adding Color to Your Bathroom

The prevailing shades of traditional bathrooms are usually white or neutral as these hues tend to imply a crispy clean and sterile bathroom. However, the new era and the trending bathroom décor ideas have shown us how adding some color to your bathroom can make it look more modern, chic and elegant. You can opt for more permanent color options such as changing the color of your walls, tile, flooring and ceiling or for some temporary alternatives such as adding color and a touch of style with proper bathroom flooring, decorations, wall art and towels.

Painting the Walls

One of the first, permanent and quick ways to add color to your bathroom is to rethink and if necessary repaint your walls. It is a simple and affordable way to add color to most of your bathroom. When you think bathroom redecorating, you should start with your wall paint color and build up the rest of the bathroom accordingly. If adding a bold color to your whole bathroom isn’t your type of thing, consider adding color to one of the walls, making it the accent wall. The best wall to be the accent wall is the wall directly opposite the door or the one with a strong focal point. You are free to play with all kinds of samples and to choose your mood from them. The key is to remember that different colors, patterns and shades evoke diverse feelings and moods. Besides painting the walls, another affordable option that can cover a huge part of your bathroom is the use of wallpaper, which comes in many colors and patterns.

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Making Bathroom Furniture Pop

On the other hand, if you want to use some other trendy and elegant ways to bring color into your neutral bathroom (and painting isn’t an option), you can simply replace your furniture with some modern pieces in colors and materials that pop. For example, you can replace your boring, white tub for a bold-colored one and it is sure to make your bathroom stand out from all the others. You can also opt for interesting and unique fixtures such as in orange color, which can make your bathroom appear stylish and tasteful. Another way to add some color to your bathroom by choosing the right furniture is to consider installing a vanity station in a special, bold color. You can make it as big as a wall! Basically, you can work with any bathroom furniture piece and make it stand out. It’s important to remember that in order to achieve the best effect either choose a bold color of the wall or of the furniture pieces.

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Installing Eye-Catching Tiles

Another way to add color into your bathroom design is to replace the tiles. In the past, people used tiles to cover all the walls from top to bottom. Nowadays, the situation has changed – it is popular to place tiles only on the focal point or on the wall of interest. The right tiles as a backsplash behind the vanity give a rather modern look to your whole bathroom. Another good point of making your bathroom pop with color by using colorful tiles is the fact that you can place them yourself. In order to save quite an amount of money, you can simply place new tiles on top of the old ones. The crucial thing is to prepare the existing tiles in a proper way. First, you need to wash the existing tiles so they are free of any dirt and grease, which prevents proper adhesion. Next, you need to sand the existing tiles, until they are no longer shiny and rinse them in order to remove any dust. Lastly, you need to spread a layer of strong tile adhesive over the existing tiles and butter the back of new tiles before you place them on top of the old ones. And voila, you end up with an eye-popping-tiled bathroom!

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Adding Colorful Accessories or Plants

People usually forget about the bathroom accessories such as a striking shower curtain, luscious fluffy bathroom flooring mats, vibrant art pieces, accents towels, outstanding light fixtures and live or synthetic plants, either completely green or colorful – but in fact, small things such as these ones add to the overall tone and unity of all the elements. Plus, you can easily replace them if you get bored with a design!

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Bathrooms are often neglected in terms of décor, and since they’re the room we first visit in the morning and which can affect our whole mood during the day, we should do our best and make it energetic, vibrant and colorful in hope to make our day the same.

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