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Different Types of Sea Salt Used In Different Ways

Different Types of Sea Salt Used In Different Ways

Salt is basically a flavor adding substance which cannot be avoided in any kind of food. Though there are different kinds of health issues linked with the usage of common salt, there are other different kinds of salt that can be used for different purposes. Common salt is the most used for everyday cooking. The salty flavor that salt gives to the food should be always added to the products we use for cooking as food without salt cannot be consumed by common people. Salt consists on different composition with sodium being the main component. some kinds of salt can be processed with low sodium content. We can use salt with low sodium to control blood pressure. Sodium contents kindles high blood pressure and this is why salt contents are avoided by high blood pressure patients.

There are other types of salt like rock salt and kosher salt that is extracted in different forms. In short they are different textures and forms of the salt that is extracted from the sea water. Sea water is salty and while the water evaporates we get a powdery crystal like forms which forms to be the sea salt. common table salts are processed in bulk and processed salts are packed and sold in the market. Apart from salt extracted from the sea water, there is other different kind of salt which are called the Himalayan pink salt which is not taken from sea water, it is extracted from the salt mine. There are large mines which provide us with these Himalayan salts which have a pink shade on the salt and is available in crystallized form. It is fun to learn about different types of salt and to know that the common salt that we use as table salt is not the only portion of salt that is available for usage in foods.

Not only the color and texture are different, the taste also differs according to the texture and form of the salt though they are still salty and just changes the intensity of saltiness. Pakistan is a major place and has a huge salt mine that holds to be a large resource for Himalayan pink salt. It is said to be the second largest salt mine that can be found in the world. Most of the people like the flavor of this kind of salt. Kosher salt usage can be found in the religious ceremonies where salt is needed, It is not commonly used in cooking. Salt is very important in our day to day life, and not only for cooking, regardless the discussion about which kind of salt is better. There are health related issues raised by the usage in one side and also they are said to be good for maintaining clean and healthy teeth. Rock salt is also one of the forms that are used in cooking.

With quite an idea about types of sea salt, you will be able to make the right choice for your cooking and other uses.

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