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Gain Essential Knowledge about Different Types of Blinds

Blinds have become very common because these can be used indoor and outdoor settings replacing the traditional partitions and curtains. The practice of replacing conventional curtains with blinds is fast catching trend.

But before you decide to replace you curtains or partitions with blinds, you must have a basic idea about the different kinds of blinds that you can use.

Once you are aware of the different types of blinds, you are likely to visit stores for purchasing when you visit the stores, you would be presented with a wide array of blinds again. The most common types of blinds and shades that you would be shown are discussed below.


  1. Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

You would be shown a huge variety of wooden blinds made out of birch or bamboo or maple. These add immense elegance to the room it is placed and are great for rooms already having a wooden setting.

  1. Vertical Blind Alternatives

These are similar to the regular vertical blinds. These blinds do not have gaps in them and thus the light control can be of greater level with the use of these blinds.

  1. Aluminum Blinds

These durable blinds help to give great control over the darkness and the light of any room. These blinds also come with many features.

  1. Pleated Blinds

Pleated shades bear a cloth material that can be folded as it goes up and can be unfolded as it comes down.

  1. Exterior Blinds

These blinds are very common on large windows and four season porches where you can use them as per your discretion.

  1. Solar or Roller Blinds

You can have light-dimming options from these shades and these are great for open living spaces. Such blinds help to safeguard you room from harmful UV rays and also work excellently as bathroom blinds.

  1. Roman Shades

You can have such shades and blinds in a variety of colors. A cloth that is designed to fold like an accordion is used in these shades.

Hope you like the above mentioned information. If you would like to know more then click here and get few more additional details about Blinds.

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