Diamond Painting Trending Massively in US and European DIY Arts and Crafts

Major Increase in Interest for This Once-Niche Hobby
Since 2018, diamond painting is gaining popularity on a significant scale. This product is available in a variety of sizes and styles and offers something for everyone, according to the online stores that specialize in supplying this hobby.

Diamond Painting Explained

The diamond painting kits include everything required for a nice start, so there is no extra equipment necessary to get started. However, additional items are available, like extra diamonds, as well as tools that help make the painting process easier.

Diamond painting may seem like a name that is appropriate for an activity that uses traditional oil or acrylic paints, but this is more along the lines of paint-by-numbers activities than conventional painting. The user will pick up small rhinestones with an applicator pen and wax and then place those onto the colored canvas. The canvas has a picture on it, perhaps of animals, scenery, flowers, or something else, and the diamonds are all assigned to particular slots on the canvas.

The diamond painter simply places each diamond in the appropriate spot to finish the picture. The diamonds stick to the painting once the clear plastic cover has been removed from the canvas and the sticky adhesive layer underneath has been exposed.

The Moving Trend

The reason for this DIY art becoming increasingly popular comes down to multiple factors. Like painting by numbers, it’s seen as a relaxing activity that is ideal for children and adults. It does not come with an extensive learning curve, so it is easy for anyone to pick it up and learn it. This hobby is very accessible, and that is why it is taking off during this year in particular. As more people stay at home and look for activities to keep them occupied, painting with diamonds is seen as an appealing alternative to board games, puzzles and reading for those who like quiet activities they can do on their own or with friends and family.

Interest is only increasing in this hobby, and more and more people are trying it out for the first time or telling others about how much they enjoy it. The sheer number of paintings available to pick from is growing, with thousands of different designs. This means that diamond painting enthusiasts have an almost endless number of choices to pick from.

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Websites like Diamond Painting House or Paint with Diamonds are making sure that diamond painters are not running out of choices, with a huge selection for them to pick from. They even offer a custom painting option to allow customers to upload their own photos to be made into a painting for purchase.

The United States and Europe are by far the biggest markets for diamond art. The trend of online shopping is very big there, and it makes for an ideal at-home activity in these areas where lockdowns are the most severe and people are trying to stay safe at home.

Kids Love Diamond Painting

One trend that is significant for diamond art is the interest that kids have shown in the hobby. Actually, the largest customer base for diamond paintings comes from kids. Parents buy paintings for their children as gifts and as part of the hobby their kids are engaged in. Many kids are earning their own money and spending it on kits for themselves, and that is evident by the high numbers of kid-themed diamond painting kits that are being bought from stores at the moment.

Diamond painting is seen as a skill-building activity for kids, which makes it popular among parents who want their children to develop key hand-eye coordination skills and artistic skills.

It is also a calming activity that is perfect for kids who may be hyperactive or suffer from attention deficit disorder. The relaxing, almost meditative pace of the activity helps kids to lower their stress levels and teaches them focus, if they have trouble focusing at home or at school.

This is an ideal time to get into the hobby, thanks to the abundance of choices. Also, holiday prices are ripe for taking advantage, and kids and adults alike can enjoy a relaxing, at-home activity to ward off boredom.

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