The Design Developer – Incorporating Your Personal Style Into Your Interior Decor

Your home is the most concentrated essence of you.

As such, your interior decor must reflect your personal style and be unique to you. It’s so easy to be swept up in passing fads and bargain buys, but stay the course and discover what makes you happy. Here is a list of 5 key things to consider when forging your own person interior decor style.


It might be strange to consider what your personal style has to do with light, but we all seek different moods in our sanctuaries and light has a big part to do with it. Most people love natural light, but how much and in what capacity varies entirely. If your place looks like a himalayan haven, then you’ll probably seek out a tapestry for your window to filter the light. Other styles to consider are practical roman blinds, stylish plantation shutters or classic venetians from


Arguably the most personal way to reflect your style is art.

There is no right or wrong pieces to pick when it comes to art, and different forms speak to us in different ways. Maybe you like prints or photography of iconic destinations, or something a littler more abstract and interpretative.

Whatever you chose, highlight your art with a blank wall or make it the only thing on a table – do justice to these pieces and make them worth admiring. Having art that you personally love will invite discussion with those who see it, and over the years you will notice different intricacies and features.


You might not think how much your colour preference would influence your personal style until you see the wrong colour for you home. I have been proudly toured around so many homes and thought, ‘why that colour?’

Some seek colour to relax the mood and exude light, others seek colours to be powerful display that demands to be the feature of the room. I would suggest playing around will all kinds of palettes before you decide definitively. There are several paint apps designed to trial colour tones on your walls which might save a trip to the hardware store for paint swatches.


We’ve seen it all, haven’t we?

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Grand victorian four poster beds all the way through to hammocks in your living room. The furniture you chose to fill your space needs to be practical to you, and something that you can stand to look at, lie on and sit on for the next few years.

Before you buy all your bits and pieces, do the obligatory visit to all stores. You will start to notice style that you are looking at more, and that will give you a quick reference when searching online also.

Interior design styles

For those who don’t trust that all their stylistic preferences will come together flawlessly, why not walk before you run and adapt a popular interior design style. Key styles that you’ll see in home magazines and your newsfeeds are minimalism, modern, contemporary and industrial. Researching and exploring those 4 styles will give you a good basis of interior design, and you can tweak and mix accordingly to achieve your personal look.

You may find that the industrial look speaks to you, but also enjoy a bold and bright patterned rug which is typical of contemporary. Feel free to break the mould, and pinch concepts from every type of interior style.

Once you arrive on a look, rearrange and shuffle around often to keep this unique pieces fresh to you. When making these stylistic choices, always take a step back and ask if this is really a reflection of your personal style, or something you just like ‘right now’. Happy exploring!


Source: Inside Out

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