Desert Vacation: Beauty and Style Essentials

The havoc that the heat, sun, and dust can wreak on the skin tends to turn the your summer vacation in desert into a real nightmare.

The best solution is definitely the use of moisturizers and various skin care products, but also certain lifestyle changes. From diet, to product usage to an appropriate wardrobe, there are numerous things travelers must follow when travelling to the scorching climate.


The first step to having a healthy and hydrated skin is to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Eating ten servings of fruits and vegetables alongside drinking water, provides the ultimate skin hydration, and helps the skin’s ability to maintain water. Furthermore eating hydrating foods will help the skin stay hydrated even in a low-humidity weather.

Use the Appropriate Skin Care Products

In desert weather, skin is prone to dryness and cracking, therefore it is best you use Skin Matrix products such as calming and soothing lotions, creams and sprays. These organic products will help you keep the glowing and healthy skin through an entire vacation. The best-suited cleanser for dessert climate and dry skin are cleansing oils and balms. They will remove the make-up perfectly and still leave the skin hydrated enough. Cleansing facial wipes can also be very useful if your make-up starts to go down on a hot desert weather. If you do not have a flaky and dewy skin, try not to use make-up in a hot weather at all.


Dull appearance and clogged pores are the main problems dry, dead skin can cause. Therefore, exfoliate regularly in order to remove dead skin, but also to stimulate collagen that will help your skin age slower. Microdermabrasion, dermaplaning and peel are recommended treatments every women should have at least six to eight times a year at the spa.

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How to Dress in a Dessert

White, long-sleeved and long-legged clothing is the best dessert wardrobe. It will protect you from the sun for an entire day. Even though they are hot during the day, desserts can be very cold during the night, so do not forget to pack some warm clothes as well.

Head protection is the most important of all, because desserts have no shade what so ever, and you do not want to end up having a sunstroke. Therefore, hats, scarves, turbans are a necessity.

Aside from the sun, sand can also damage your face, and neck, which is why you should remember to bring large cotton scarves. Without a scarf, you will put yourself at risk of having skin pierced by the sand corns, if you find yourself in the middle of a sandstorm.

You should also have cargo pants, leggings, and long sleeve shirt, preferably linen or cotton. Cargo pants are very useful if you plan to ride a camel. The shorts can be uncomfortable because camel fur is rough, and you can end up with painful blisters.

The most desirable footwear would include hiking boots, gaiters, trekking sandals and hiking socks. Hiking boots are perfect for protecting your feet from the hot sand and sharp rocks, while gaiters will keep the sand away from the inside of your boots. Trekking sandals will be the perfect night time footwear, and it will help you rest your feet from the boots.

Shifting from a temperate to desert climate can be challenging for both skin and the body. Follow these suggestions in order to have the soft, undamaged skin. However, do not forget to research well on what travel and food necessities you need in order to stay healthy and strong during an entire trip. Different cultures have different rules, so make sure to study them well so you do not find yourself in some predicament.

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