Decorative Crowns for Beautiful Office and Domestic Ceilings

Architectural décor of your home can be enhanced in this manner

Many grand and stylish buildings have decorative elements that highlight their beauty and aesthetic qualities. Covings, cornices, windows, chimneys, and doors are strategically placed and spectacularly designed to elevate the splendor of these structures. The top-class cornice installers decorate the roof edges of tall buildings with Greco-Roman architectural elements in order to attribute a unique look and feel. The designer moldings that adorn the edges of roofs and ceilings are a combination of ideas derived from art history, architecture, and masonry.

What Is the Job of Cornice Experts?

Cornices, in architecture, are top elements in the horizontal section that separates the columns from the ceiling or roof in ancient and modern buildings. Classical Greek-era structures had these elements as an important part of entablatures in exterior decor. Modern homes and offices also have decorative or patterned covings, and cornice installers fix or arrange these artistic elements during construction or renovation works.

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  • Fine quality decor moldings that have the perfect and shining finish are purchased.
  • Carpentry tools, strong adhesives, and joint cement are used to complete the decor.
  • The surface is flattened, cleaned and dried during the initial preparatory work.
  • The installer employs artistic, Masonic, and carpentry skills for attaching the parts.
  • The cornices are installed on the wall or ceilings and finishing touches, such as fillings or cuttings, are applied to eliminate gaps.

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Range of Cornices

Cornices and covings are primarily decorative pieces, and their worth is determined on the basis of artistic elements and designer finishes.  The concave and flat mouldings have a range of simple, geometric, or elaborate designs and patterns. The experienced cornice installers suggest the following range of mouldings due to their immense popularity –

  • The cavetto covings with horizontal molding and outwardly flaring tops are derived from ancient Egyptian papyrus designs.
  • The heavily ornate and highly decorative designs are reminiscent of the glory days of Renaissance ideas, Italian style, and Victorian aesthetics.
  • The designer elements include geometric lines and shapes, leaves, and scrolls.
  • Contemporary designs have a sleek and simple look to suit the minimalistic requirements of trendy commercial and domestic properties.

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Photo by MH Costa Construction Ltd

The wide range of cornices can confuse amateur customers who are not well-versed with the terminology and quality of products. The professional cornice installers are very crafty and they can crown the interior and exterior walls with both wooden and plastic moldings. The concave moldings, made of plastic, are technically known as covings, and the craftsmen and plaster workers have exquisite skills in fixing all types of designer elements. Contemporary range emphasizes the timeless quality of simplicity without missing out on finer details of art, design & styles.

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Benefits of Decor Products

The latest range of decor products have a modern appearance and they include covings, cornices, skirting boards, panel moldings, arches, ceiling domes, and corbels. Modern decor’s value has appreciated due to light weight material that is also recyclable. The well-trained cornice installers can handle the crack-free decor as expertly as they handle the much heavier plaster molds. The plaster cornices demanded craftsmanship and higher level of expertise from the installers, while readily primed contemporary decor has its own advantages. The rising popularity of decor products can be gauged from the following points-

  • The high-quality decor is designed and developed using innovative technologies.
  • The material has a longer lifespan and cornice installers insist that it is very easy to cut, curve, fix, and paint.
  • The water-resistant cornices are suitable for homes that are located in regions that have humid weather conditions.

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The shock proof range of decor saves time during installation, and maintenance needs are also very low. That is the reason why many people hire the cornice installers for refurbishing their homes and adding value to them.

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