Tips for Decorating an Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan can be a bit tricky to decorate. However, since you have already decided to have one, you must be prepared to invest some time and energy into it. If properly performed, the results will be met and even exceeded. Here are a couple of tips on how to handle this task most effectively.


When you plan the decoration of your open floor the essential characteristic you must preserve is the openness of space. This is what open floor plan is all about and if you fail this, no matter how successful you are in the following steps you will not be satisfied with the final outcome. First of all, do not overdo. The amount of furniture you use must work for the space you have. Grouping is another way to go and will give you more choice of material and patterns. By grouping, you can emulate different rooms and styles too without having walls or any kind of large obstacles. Furthermore, make sure you keep the composition and an overall uniformity of a single place. In other words, everything has to be clearly visible from any point of the room.


Natural light is one of the biggest benefits you gain by using open floor plan. Therefore, when positioning and grouping the furniture we mentioned above, pay attention not to block any of the windows. If you want to use shades, foldable wooden ones are a nice way to keep natural look and you can control the amount of light you need easily. When artificial light is concerned, you can use them to further mark the “rooms”. For example, using a rectangular pendant above your dining table will reinforce the idea clearly. The shapes and material of the lamps you use can contribute to the three-dimensionality of space. By playing with shadows and you can intimate the areas you want. When it comes to color, due to great amount of natural light, you should let the outside area dictate the palette. The walls in the open floor plan are scarce and using suitable color will make a huge contribution to the general atmosphere. Depending on the aim you wish to achieve, two completely opposite directions are the only choices you have. Either match the colors of the interior to the outside, or completely contrast them. Whichever you choose, use the same color for every wall to keep the composition of the place. Nuances are welcomed, of course, as long as you maintain the general idea. Adding mirrors and placing them carefully will also contribute to the atmosphere that the lights and color give to your home. The choice of artwork, too. There are not many walls you can hang the paintings and pictures on, still, you could use statues and figures to enrich the place.


As you already know, the ideal open floor plan has all general rooms in one room, apart from bathroom, and bedroom. The kitchen is clearly identifiable by its equipment. The differentiation between dining room and living room takes work and clear ideas. As we mentioned before, grouping is one way to go. Adding distinguishable touches contributes easily. For example, putting a buffet behind the grouped sofa and divan is an efficient way to emphasize the living room. Carefully placed wool floor rugs underneath them reinforce the idea and add warmth to the space. The choice of patterns is vast and any idea can be implemented.  The dining space can be marked by circular positioning of chairs around the dining table. You can also further emphasize the use and borders of this space by using a new designer rug that covers the exact surface chairs and table take. This time you choose a kind of material that is durable and easily cleaned since perfect hygiene is something you will have to pay more attention to if you want to keep your open floor plan attractive and effective.

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As you see, decorating an open floor plan is not an easy task. You have to plan it carefully and maintain the idea of open space throughout the process. Still, hard work will be rewarding and once you are done, you will fully enjoy the benefits of your house.

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