Decluttering Your Home in 5 Simple Steps

Clutter has become a common phenomenon nowadays, one that is a pure manifestation of our inner state, a showcase of our weaknesses and absurd attachment to material possessions. Struggle with clutter takes more than just throwing stuff away. Decluttering means a deep dive into ourselves and reexamination of most of our affections and ambitions. To tackle the clutter in our homes means to revise and get rid of the mess that has possessed our very being. It is a call to action, a venture that needs to take place so that we could go on with our happier and more fulfilling lives.

Small steps

If you have planned to declutter in a day or two, go ahead. Thumbs up for your ambition and energy, but honestly, there is no need for such spring clean momentum. Small steps will do the job, a bit slower, but it will form a daily habit of getting rid of unnecessary things. Start with what is around you in a plain sight. Any surface can be a holder of cluttery items such as papers, brochures, receipts, or different junk. Uncover those surfaces, clean up the book shelves and only after that open the drawers, cabinets, and closets.

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Identify and decide on the spot

While cleaning up, you will stumble upon many items that you are so fond of, but bear in mind that you can’t keep them all. Figure out what is the reason that you are so attached to them and what would have happened if you toss them. Things may hold nostalgic, aesthetic or utilitarian value. Know this before you decide what to do with them. Think of how often do you use them or are you enjoying them often enough. If not, say goodbye and don’t look back.

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Form the piles

In this whole decision making remember to make three piles for your stuff, a pile of the stuff that stays, a pile of the stuff that is trash, and a pile of the items that you can give away, donate or sell. The ‘’stay’’ pile should be the smallest one, so you need to be merciless when decluttering. Keep in mind that you will not regret a thing, nor you will miss any of this in just a week. While being so decisive, revise the ‘’trash’’ pile for the possible recycling and be proud for being strong and environmentally aware.

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Form a structure and order

Organize the stuff that you are keeping, but put some thought to it before you start shoving them back in the closets. Use some common logic, group them by function and by how often you use them. Things that you use frequently should be in the open so that you can easily access them. Learn how to place and store things. Storing handy but rarely used things, that take too much space, could be managed with external supercheap storage solutions. It’s advisable that you find a storage facility near your home and a company that will take care of your belongings in a proper way.

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Keep away from the clutter

Assuming that after a while you have successfully decluttered your home or at least part of it, now you have a basic grasp on the concept of clutter. Make a useful habit of keeping it tidy and minimal as possible. Don’t buy things just for the sake of shopping. Be vigilant and control what you bring into your home. Get rid of the trash instantly and sort incoming stuff immediately. Avoid putting stuff away on flat surfaces. Do not smother your living area, make it spacious, light and neat.

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By eliminating clutter from your home, you may realize that in a certain way you will unburden yourself. During a cleaning time and decision making, you will revalue and revise yourself many times. You will take a little journey in the past, revisit old memories, old mistakes, and old valuables. Aside from cleaning up the mess, you will learn more than one lesson on how to keep control over your home and your life in general. All your efforts will be rewarded instantly and in the most obvious way.

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