How To Deal With Experienced Gold Buyers?

Are you looking to sell gold for cash? If so, selling unused gold is the best option. But do you know how much your gold is worth? How the process runs? To know how to efficiently sell gold here are few tips and tricks to follow. Make sure that you reach out to the right gold sellers. Else, you will be fooled by many sellers.

Questions to Ask to The Gold Seller While Selling Gold

Let’s suppose that you are new to this profession and have no experience. You have no idea about the current market rate of gold. But you are in dire need of money. What should you do? Given below are few important questions that you must ask when selling gold.

How Long Has the Buyer Been Running the Business?

Find out exactly how long they have been in business. Usually, the longer an organization is in the industry, the more successful it is. With companies that have been in business longer, will encounter less trouble, they provide you the right kind of service, and they do not deceive you. Also, you get the perfect value of gold.

Whether They Have Customer Testimonials?

The right way to know more about a gold selling organization is to check their customer reviews. Go through the buyer’s website, check clients’ reviews also. It is obvious that you would prefer to choose a buyer who has more positive reviews. If you do not find any testimonies, this denotes that you should shift your focus to some other money lending company.

What Is the Method by Which They Assign Value to A Jewelry?

The very next and important question you should ask is related to the value, the company is willing to attach to jewelry. Seek a buyer who has idea about the market prices of precious gems and stones in the market. They should use a proper scale to weigh your jewelry. Before you meet the buyer, it is wise to do a little bit of  research about the price of gold and its whereabouts. Whenever you think the buyer is not appropriate, look for another one.

If the Stones Attached to The Jewelry Are Valuable?

Gold jewelry usually has precious stones attached to it such as  diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc. Therefore, you must be sure whether your jewelry has precious stones and what is it’s arte in the market. Tally with that of the market price and see if the buyer is giving you the right choice of price.

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How To Choose A Proper Gold Buyer?

Friendly and Professional

Once you are about  to sell your gold, it is important that by then you have created a friendly relationship with your buyer. The buyer should be communicative. He should be able to answer all your questions and try to solve all  your doubts.

Hassle Free Payment

The buyer should be competent and honest enough in his business so as to pay you the right value of gold. Traditional buyers focus and evaluate the price calculated upon the melt value of gold. Not only the melt value, your chosen buyer should have knowledge about the value of precious stones and gems.

Payment In Installments

See if your buyer is ready to accept payment in installments. It is not always possible to pay at once.


You may make a deal with a buyer from another part of the world, in such a case, the buyer should provide you shipment service. Check whether you are able to track your product.

Reliable Service

Choose a buyer with whom you are cent percent satisfied. Before dealing, go through the terms and conditions.

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