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Is Your Dank Basement Air Slowly Killing You?

Recent studies have shown that damp air is far worse for you and your families health than you actually think. According to a recent survey carried out by the indoor air quality assurance association, basement air is the most polluted air in our homes – and we’re not paying enough attention to the problem.

In the past decade, the trend of building and renovating basements has increased dramatically. Rather Ignorantly however, we are building basements without the necessary ventilation, not realizing how badly that basement air can affect our respiratory systems.

The first problem is down to the circulation of the air in basements…namely, there isn’t much, so we tend to breathe the same air over and over again as basements are quite often closed off with very little ventilation. However, more important than the recirculated air is the dampness of that air. The dampness is the real danger here and if it goes untreated, it can lead to uncontrolled mold and harmful airbourne bacteria. If you do have a basement and are concerned about the health ramifications, then this article will hopefully impress on you, the need to go get a basement air purifier.

Moisture in the air, is a natural occurrence that you can’t avoid. However, when you have excessive moisture in the air, along with poor ventilation it can bring respiratory problems to your life. Dampness and high moisture content lead to the breeding of bacteria and molds in the house which even for the fit and healthy, can cause serious respiratory problems, which if left unchecked can lead to asthema, chronic breathing problems and even death.

Even if you clean it on regular basis, the basement air is known to be 10 times more dangerous to your health than other areas of your house. Adding to the problem, is that this basement air is typically connected to other rooms in the house through ductwork, which means that you cannot escape bad air without a pro device. Thus, to keep dirty basement air at bay and control it from spreading molds and bacteria throughout your house, you must get a basement air purifier.

While you can read the full review of some of the good and efficient air purifiers for the basement, we have covered a few names to notify you of the best amongst them. Poor ventilation, stagnant air, and carpets are all breeding grounds for mold spores and bacteria. When overly moist air and damp conditions prevail, these spores love to find comfy homes – and fabric appears to be one of their top choices.

A good basement air purifier is a necessity to ensure that you catch the pollutants and cut down moisture from the surrounding air. The Blueair 505 is one of the most popular air filters for people to put in the basement. Whilst it is high in price, its performance in the basement and other large areas is completely worth the initial expenses you need to pay and blueair products are built to last.

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