Curtains vs. Blinds – Are blinds the Only Option for Commercial Buildings?

The overall look of your office rooms will depend upon the dress of your windows. Picking up the best designs, patterns, and materials, all, are not that hard. However, one of the toughest decision is to decide which the better one between curtains and blinds is.

Basically, dressing up your office windows isn’t just to create a style icon. It is also about how it fulfils your needs in terms of sunlight prevention, maintenance process, and longevity. In business terms, it purely means a return on investment. To ease out your selection process, we have pinned down 3 head-to-head key differences of curtains and blinds.

Light and Soundproof:

Generally, curtains are considered to be the best fit for homes while blinds are ideal for both offices as well as homes. Both have characteristics of preventing sunlight and sound, only the intensity matters.

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Some energy-efficient curtains, basically, has a lining attached to the back. And that lining prevents sunlight to enter the room. You can even get it separately and hang on the curtain rod mounted close to the window.

Whereas, blinds have some add-on features. For example, louvered blinds control the sunlight to come in and also provide adequate privacy. Whereas sunscreen roller blinds give UV protection and daytime privacy and honeycomb blinds provide the best insulation properties.

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For the soundproof purpose, curtains perform better than blinds. They do not have slats like blinds, so chances of sound to enter is less. Hence, you can select any one of them as per your requirement.

Maintenance process:

You shouldn’t overlook the maintenance process before taking any final decision. You can clean curtains with the help of a vacuum cleaner daily but that will not remove the dust. Hence, washing them on a regular basis is essential to remove the dirt and stains. But washing everyday could discolour the material.

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On the other hand, cleaning blinds is comparatively easy. They have a hard and slick surface, so it is much easier to clean them. You can just wipe down with a duster to remove the dirt or stains.


You cannot invest a lot of money in window dressings, right? As you have many things to invest into. So, always check the longevity of the material. Curtains, be it cotton, velvet, or silk are prone to tearing, staining, and discolouring, leading to a replacement, oftentimes.

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Whereas, blinds are less prone to tearing and discolouring. Materials used in it acts as a resistant agent to discoloration and staining. If well-maintained, they are capable to keep their looks for 15 years or more. So, you may save your few dollars in the near future if you decide to choose blinds for your office.

End your dilemma:

After reading the above head-to-head differences between curtains and blinds, we are sure, your dilemma must have ended. There are curtains that give tough competition to blinds for your office premises. You can even pair the two window treatments to maximise the benefits. In a Managing Director’s cabin or a presentation room, you can add both curtains and blinds to prevent sunlight, sound, and privacy.

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In the end, the choice is yours. After considering your priorities and choices, make the best window treatment, a winner of your office premises.

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