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Creative Ways to Give Your Living Room an Edge

No living room is the same, meaning there are literally billions of different designs around the world. Still, it can be easy to walk into someone’s home, have a look around and find it quite familiar or dull. If you’re one of those people who hates conformity and wants to add a little personality to their home then starting with the living room, probably the space you use most, is a good idea. There are many ways to add an edge to your living room and these are some creative yet simple possibilities to get you started.

Jazzy Storage

From a glamorous chest of drawers to an angled bookcase, you’ll need some pieces of furniture to store all sorts of items. Books, toys, games and more don’t have to be shoved away in another plain old sideboard or a generic plastic set of drawers on wheels. Many creative pieces of furniture exist that are both practical and attractive. Or if you’re handy with DIY then making your own shelves in any design that fits with your living room is a cheap and effective option.

Image courtesy of Furniture Plus

Unfinished Surfaces

A big modern trend these days with restaurants and bars in cities especially is for industrial chic. There’s no reason this can’t be brought into your living room if it’s a style you like and it can add a real edge, whether you want to go all in or just give it a try first. The common theme is unfinished surfaces, from having exposed brick on the walls or simply removing the carpet and showing the floorboards. Throw a few blankets across the floor though to avoid a fully cold feel encompassing the room.

Upcycled Furniture

Not just a great conversation starter but a truly unique piece of furniture will be the one you make yourself. By using empty glass bottles, bits of old rope and cables and anything else you can get your hands on, upcycling is good for the environment, cheap and adds an edge to any room. You’ll need a bit of imagination and knowhow, or you can find upcycled furniture for sale online and in local second-hand shops if you’re feeling lazy.

Geometric Patterns

For a modern feel to any room really, geometric patterns are a real hit. This could be the wallpaper, carpet, rugs or cushions for example. There’s plenty of versatility in how you use them, just don’t go overboard otherwise your guests may get a headache from looking at them all. Start slowly with a few cushions in colours that match the room and build up to larger designs if you wish.

Mismatched Fabrics

An abandoned apartment in Milan was transformed to create a highly edgy and liveable space by two renowned architects. At least one of the rooms used mismatched fabrics to great effect, with Kashmiri shawls sewn onto walls that, while they didn’t match the curtains, provided that edge and looked great. If you’ve got a variety of fabrics, don’t worry about what they’ll look like, just experiment and see what works.

Creating a cool edge in your living room can be affordable and simple, without having to pay for an interior designer and lots of tools and material.

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