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Creative Ways to Arrange your Balcony

Living in the city may be fun and convenient. But, living in the city often means you miss a backyard, a beautiful terrace, a warm and welcoming porch of a family house. Even if you don’t miss this or have never had it, everyone can appreciate an oasis for themselves. Your piece of Earth where you enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. And chances are, if you’re living in a big city you will claim a step on your fire escape and call it an extension of your living room. So, when you actually have a balcony, you hold it and you love it and you call it George. But, having a balcony means you should find a way to arrange it to your liking. Just don’t let it be one of those things you put off ‘til…never. Roll up your sleeves and spruce up the place. Once you’ve set in your beautiful newly decorated oasis, you will be so happy that you found the time to arrange your balcony!

Scroll, scroll, scroll, til you like it!

Usually, the biggest problem with neglected balconies is the lack of time and dedication. It’s one of those things you want to do, but never seem to find time to actually finish. You find yourself scrolling through the pictures on Pinterest, pinning the ideas to your board, even googling DIY ways to make a pallet sofa. But, somehow it just never seems to happen. But, now’s the time to get started! Don’t let those dead plants scare you! Throw them out and plant new ones! Get that board and start making a shopping list. Even if your home is a rental, you should arrange your balcony. Many things can be moved to your new home should you need it. You should always find ways to personalize a rental home because that is how you will feel at home for real.

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Fix those floors

Apartment balconies often have concrete floors. We can all agree that concrete floors don’t scream cozy and nice. There is an easy way to revamp them. You can easily install interlocking deck tiles, available at home improvement stores everywhere. They usually get installed by simply snapping the pieces together. So if you need to move out, you can just as easily remove them. When you decide to move, you can even check with the movers if they can help. If you need to hire household movers in Los Angeles area, choose reliable movers and chances are they will give you a hand. So, should you find nice wood decking, look no further and snap those tiles over that cold concrete!

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Privacy FTW

When you live in an apartment building, more often than not, you’re sharing your balcony with your neighbors. And you don’t necessarily like your neighbors. Besides, what good is an oasis for if someone can just crowd it without an invite?

Add a bamboo screen

There are many ways to create a privacy screen. You can do it yourself, or find someone to help you. Should you choose to do it yourself, here are some things you need to know before you embark on your DIY project. An elegant way to decorate your balcony and give yourself some privacy is to install a bamboo screen. Add some string lights on it, and you became a casual boho queen or king! It’s also very affordable since you only need bamboo poles, rope, and zip ties.

Photo by NOEM

Wall garden

If you are not a fan of bamboo, make a wall garden. Opt out for some tall plants, or install a screen and put some hanging plants on it. It will liven up the place and give you some privacy. You can really play with potting and repotting your plants. Just ask the expert of balcony gardening.

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Arrange your balcony with different lighting

Lighting is crucial for warming up the place. And there are so many different ways to add lights to your balcony. Find some string lights and have fun while decorating. Just remember to stick to no more than three colors. Mixing different color lights is tacky and hard for the eyes. So, either choose warm yellow lights or white lights, but don’t mix them. If you don’t like either, there are multi-color string bulbs you can find at decor shops, which can play to your fun side and add creativity you need when you decide to arrange your balcony.

Photo by Troy Lighting

Small or compact?

As we mentioned, balconies are usually quite small, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be very useful. If you choose the right furniture, you can store things and enjoy the space in your balcony.

Just enough room for a cup of coffee

If your balcony is too small for a sofa or pallet furniture of any sort, you can find a small coffee table and some chairs in any home furnishing store. A small patterned table and two chairs can fit almost everywhere. You can opt to buy a half-table that can hold a vase of flowers and a cup, but it’s all you need.  You can even use cork tiles and place them on the floor or the wall, place some nice pillows on the floor, install a table or a shelf on the wall and voila! Cozy and chic, with an added careless scent of decor. And you didn’t think you can make so many things out of cork tiles!

Photo by Designed To Appeal

Storage furniture

On the other hand, should you have enough room for some furniture, adding a storage bench will give you a chance to store what you need and have a place to relax. Wooden crates can be used as benches. All you need to do is place pillows on top. And then, when you need to move, just call JB movers Los Angeles, and they will wrap your storage bench will everything inside and safely move it to your new balcony.

Photo by Multi-Area Developments Inc.

Use your walls and get creative

There are so many creative ways to arrange your balcony, there just isn’t enough room for all the ideas in one read! A wall in your balcony can be like a canvas for all your creativity! Find some wooden crates, paint over them, and make them into shelves. Place a colorful flower pot on it while you mix and match the colors. If you are truly an artist, you can draw on the wall and add depth to your small oasis. Or tactfully place some writings or pictures in nice frames onto it. If you have enough room, place a swing on your balcony. Or you can……okay, we need to stop, but know that there is no stopping your imagination once you get started with decorating!

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