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Creating Your Own Outdoor Zen Space

You want your home to be a haven, both inside and out. Most people concentrate on the interior comfort and design of their home without giving much thought to their outdoor spaces.

People are starting to get back to nature and are spending much more time outdoors than in the past decade. Active lifestyles and the obvious benefits of being in the fresh air may leave you wanting to spruce up your backyard.

If you aren’t sure where to start with your own backyard, there are plenty of resources online including the WikiLawn website. You can find tons of examples, tips and advice from the pros to get you started creating a beautiful and relaxing outdoor space at your own home.

Create Privacy

You will want to create a space that gives the illusion of isolation and privacy. If you already have a privacy fence on your property then you are off to a good start. If not, there are a few things that you can do. Try screening in a porch area or planting tall shrubs, grasses or trees along your property line to obscure the view from your neighbors’ properties.

Plants & Flowers

Planting is all about preference and taste for your backyard oasis. Choosing lush plants and colors that are your favorites will make the space feel even more like home. Low maintenance bushes, ground cover and climbing ivies can help you build up the space around you from top to bottom.

Bug Repellent

No one can relax with bugs buzzing nearby. You can always put out attractive citronella candles as part of your decor to deter the evening mosquitos. There are also plants that can be placed around your sitting area to keep bugs away. Lemongrass or lavender are great natural bug repellents.

Soft Lines

When you are trying to create a relaxing space you will want to keep things simple. Too much crowding or severe lines can take away from the peaceful effect you are looking for. Let your landscape develop more naturally and stay away from bold lines or designs that take away from the nature of your spot.

Water Feature

Nothing is more relaxing than the gentle sound of flowing or trickling water. There are many pond and waterfall design features that can be customized to fit the area that you have. For smaller patios, you may want to consider having a tabletop water fountain to save space but still give you the same affect.


Keeping to more natural lighting in your outdoor space will help to maintain the casual and quiet atmosphere of your zen yard. Small fairy lights and candles are always better than any harsh overhead lighting. Even a small propane fireplace can add a nice glow to your space.


Above all, you want to be comfortable in your outdoor space. Invest in some sturdy but comfortable outdoor furniture. Whether you want a full outdoor seating set or a relaxing hammock to lie in, make sure that you have somewhere cozy to enjoy your space.

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