Creating good feng shui in your home this Chinese New Year

This Chinese New Year marks the Year of the Ox, a symbol of hard work, persistence and honesty. In order to improve the positive energy flow in our homes for the year ahead, Blooming Artificial has revealed how we can easily look to introduce the Chinese concept of feng shui to our spaces through the use of plants and cautious positioning of furniture.

Feng shui for living rooms and kitchens

Being where family members come to spend time together, it is important to promote good feng shui in our living rooms and kitchens. Introduce hints of warm colours, such as reds, oranges and yellows, through the use of accessories in order to increase the yang (active) energy in these spaces. To call on good luck for you and your family, try placing some bamboo, lilies or lotus flowers in these areas of the home.

Photo by Marie Burgos Design

Feng shui for bedrooms

As the main place for relaxation, bedrooms are one of the most important areas of the home. To optimise wellbeing and quality of sleep, it is important to ensure that the bed is placed in the ‘command position’. In feng shui, this is the position in which you can easily see what is coming through the door, symbolising the ability to face life’s obstacles.

Photo by Aria Design Inc

When it comes to plants that would suit feng shui bedrooms, there are several options that have strong connotations to love and romance. For example, peonies are thought to bring love in quantity while blossoms encourage love in quality. Alternatively, orchids are seen to promote fertility and fortune in love.

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Feng shui for home office spaces

With many of us still working remotely, home offices and makeshift workspaces have become increasingly important areas. To improve productivity and motivation, place your set up so that the door is neither behind you nor in front of you, preventing you from becoming distracted by movements outside the room.



If you’re looking to encourage prosperity, try adding some plants associated with wealth to your home workspace. For example, orange trees are used to encourage abundance and prosperity in feng shui interiors whilst the coin shaped leaves of the pilea bush (Chinese money plant) are seen to signify wealth.

Photo by Wind und Wasser – Feng Shui Beratung

Feng shui interiors are thought to create positive, healthy energy in our homes, helping to decrease stress and anxiety. By simply optimising spatial arrangement and introducing some colourful greenery, we can encourage positive energy to flow freely thorough our homes this Chinese New Year and beyond.

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