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Creating a Personal Resting Space in Your Bedroom

Personalization is the buzzword in an array of industries, with research by Smarter HQ indicating that 80% of customers are more likely to purchase products or services from brands that provide personalized experiences. The idea that a home should reflect one’s personal taste and style isn’t new. However, current design incorporates personal experiences, preferences, and sensations more than ever before, in part owing to world events and the closer connection that people have developed with their homes over the past couple of years. If you feel like expressing yourself in your bedroom to make it a stylish place to enjoy rest and relaxation, the following ideas may inspire.

Choosing Materials that Comfort You

Trends tend to take over everything from cushion shapes to blanket materials but before heading to your favorite décor store and buying items on the closest shelf, ask yourself what materials feel most comfortable and meaningful to you. For instance, you may have loved soft flannel blankets in your childhood or delighted in plush blankets that added a warm feel to your winter bedroom. Purchase items mindfully, thinking of the colors that most relax you, the fabrics you love to touch, and the sheets you dream of snuggling in. You can still embrace seasonal trends by purchasing ‘must-have’ pillows and throws but the fabrics, mattress, and pillows you use to actually rest and sleep should fit your personal idea of comfort and cosiness to perfection.

The Effect of Lighting on Mood

Depending on your state of mind, mood, and tastes, the lighting in your bedroom should be adapted to your needs. For instance, if you love brightness or you use your bedroom for activities like reading or sewing, then use a combination of overhead, floor, and table lights. If possible, install a smart lighting system that can adapt the brightness of your room to different types of the day. When you feel stressed and need to unwind, for instance, softer, more orange-hued lighting can lender your bedroom more warmth and peace than white, bright lights. Scattered and recessed lights work beautifully to light your way at night and add a bit of sparkle while keeping a more mellow evening and night mood.

Your Life Expressed in Decorative Details

Whether you are an art lover, you enjoy travelling the world or you are passionate about a sport or other hobby, your bedroom is the perfect spot in which to show off any pieces you may have collected along the way. If you have various pieces, a vintage dresser, gallery wall of prints, recessed shelf or curio cabinet are the perfect spots to display them. Photographs of special spots you have visited can be printed large-scale or presented in a gallery wall alongside paintings in beautiful gold- or silver-leafed frames. An ornate fireplace also makes an ideal spot to blend sculptures, decorative details, frames, and other pieces to create an eclectic “altar” of your favorite mementoes and antiques.

When it comes to décor, excessively matching and cookie-cutter looks are out and maximalism, personalization, and eclecticism are in. When selecting blankets and soft furnishings, take time to choose those that appeal to your senses and specific idea of comfort. Show off who you are and where you’ve been in decorative pieces, creating galleries or altars of the things that transform your room into a message about yourself.

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