Creating A Luxury Bathroom In Your Home

The bathroom, often the smallest room of the house, isn’t just a functional place – we actually spend a lot of time there. The average person uses the toilet 2,500 times in a year (and 75% of them are on their mobile phone at the same time). We spend, on average, 30 minutes a day in the bathroom, taking a shower or lounging in the bath. It is an important place to relax and pamper yourself, so it’s worth spending some time adding some special touches to your bathroom to give it a luxury feel.

Installing a skylight

If you have an upstairs bathroom, then installing a skylight is a wonderful way of bringing in light from the forever-changing ambience of the sky above. It can also be a good way of providing more ventilation. Industry experts Paradisa Homes recommend working with an architect to ensure that new skylights are both energy-efficient and properly placed: this ensures you that your skylight is practical as well as stylish. Using high-grade materials for your skylight will look great from the inside and out. Just imagine a relaxing bath under the stars – but in the comfort of your own home.

Change your bathroom fittings

Changing your bathroom fittings is a relatively inexpensive but effective way of making an impact and giving your bathroom a sense of luxury. On trend this year is treated copper, which has a coating that prevents it from oxidizing. Shower fittings, towel rails and toilet roll holders work well, especially against a dark colored wall. Take inspiration from Victorian Steampunk and add a little industrial style. Don’t forget to change the knobs on any bathroom cabinets as well – patterned porcelain works well in a stylish bathroom. You should also lose, or keep stored away, items like trash bins and toilet brushes: they might be practical, but they don’t shout luxury.

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A focus on storage

To give your bathroom a stylish look, make sure that you have some good quality storage that won’t be damaged in the damp air. Having loads of half-used plastic bottles by the side of the bath and shower clutters your room, so make sure that you install some good shelving units for the products that you use on a daily basis. Keeping everything stored away will make your bathroom look sleek and clean, and ensure that your bathroom feels like a luxury space throughout its day-to-day use.

Changing your bathroom fixtures and fittings can give it a luxury feel without a big outlay, and installing some good storage will give your bathroom a sophisticated look. Designing a luxury bathroom is possible, no matter what your time constraints or budget.

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