Crafting for a Cause: Turning Art into Assistance

Whether you are a jewelry-maker, a knitter, a quiltmaker, a painter or any other type of crafter or artist, you love your hobby because it brings joy to you and your loved ones. Why not spread the joy even further by crafting for a charitable cause?

Crafting for charity is a great way to turn your love of a particular artform into a meaningful donation for those who are in need. It is also a great way to introduce your kids to the world of charity and encourage them to use their talents to help others. There are all sorts of charities that accept various types of craft donations for many different causes. Here are just a few of the many ways of turning your art into assistance by crafting with a cause.

Make Jewelry for a Cause

If jewelry-making is your craft of choice, making pieces to sell to raise funds for a cause is a great option. You could, for example, sell handmade jewelry made from rose quartz beads to raise funds for charities that support breast cancer awareness or offer support to patients and survivors. Since black is the color for melanoma awareness, jewelry made with obsidian beads or onyx beads would work well if you are trying to raise funds for the Melanoma Research Foundation or a similar organization.

Donating your jewelry pieces to local charities is another option. Organizations frequently host auctions, raffles, etc. to raise funds. By donating nice pieces of handmade jewelry, you are giving them something that they can sell or raffle off to make money.

If there is an organization in your area that helps women find jobs, consider donating a few interview-appropriate pieces. A nice, new piece of jewelry goes a long way toward boosting a woman’s confidence and can help her land a job.

Donate Your Artwork

If you are a painter, drawer, photographer, etc., you may be able to donate your artwork to raise funds for various organizations. Many charities host annual events where they auction or raffle off donated items in order to raise the funding they need to support their operations. Artwork–especially when it is made by a well-known local artist–can bring in big bucks, so it is always appreciated.

As an artist, you can also donate a portion of the money you make off your work. This is something that you can do all the time, or you can do it as a special fundraising effort. Either way, using your talents to raise money for a good cause is always a noble undertaking.

Provide Warmth with Yarn Crafts

Whether you knit or crochet, there are several ways you can help others with yarn crafts. Hospitals are always looking for caps for newborns. Many are also grateful for handmade gowns for the infants who are born sleeping. These items provide immeasurable comfort for parents who are grieving.

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Hospitals and cancer centers also often accept knitted and crocheted hats for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and have lost their hair. There is even an organization that accepts donations of knit prosthetics for breast cancer survivors who have undergone a mastectomy.

Warm Up America! accepts any type of knitted or crocheted item that will help keep a person warm, including afghans, hats, gloves, mittens and scarves. You can even donate 7” x 9” sections that will later be sewn together to make a blanket for a child, teen or adult. Since 1992, the organization has donated more than a million afghans and accessories to people in need.

Share Your Expertise

No matter what type of craft or art you do, there are plenty of other people who would love to know how to do it. Talk to the activity directors at your local retirement homes, homeless shelters, women’s crisis centers, etc. Chances are, they would love to have you donate a few hours of your time to teach their residents something new. Teach a painting class at the senior center, show the women in your local women’s crisis center how to knit (it’s a great stress reliever) or offer a jewelry-making class at a retirement home. No matter what type of craft you enjoy, sharing your knowledge and talent with others is a great way to give back.

You can also use your knowledge of a particular craft or type of art as a way to raise funds for your organization of choice. Host a paid class for a project and donate the proceeds to the organization. Your students will get to learn something new and they will feel great knowing that their money is being donated to a good cause.

Quilt for Charity

As a quilter, there are several ways to you can use your craft to give back. Quilts are special items that can provide a lot of comfort to a person in need, and they are always greatly appreciated at women’s shelters, homeless centers and hospitals. There are also several organizations that collect and distribute quilts. Quilts for Kids provides quilts for children who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses or abuse. If you want to make quilts for veterans, check out Quilts of Valor.

Many organizations also accept quilts as donations to be sold at an auction or raffled off to raise funds. Talk to local charities to find out their current needs and requirements for donations.


No matter what type of art or craft you enjoy, there are ways to use your hobby to provide assistance to those in need. Whether you donate your items directly to individuals or organizations in need, host a fundraiser or donate your time to teach others, there are several meaningful ways to give back. The ideas outlined above are just a few of the many ways to craft with a cause. Talk to charities and other organizations in your area and get creative! You will surely come up with a great way to turn your art into assistance.

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