Convert Your Space into a Beautiful Landscape, But How?

The twenty-first century has seen a rise in technology which is unprecedented in most of recorded human history.  Millions live in hundreds of square miles.  As it turns out, all seven billion people on the planet could fit in the area of Jacksonville Florida with three to five cubic feet for each individual.  Now Jacksonville Florida is only 885 square miles, but it has a population of something like 1.4 million people.  Can you imagine?  Even if it isn’t the entire global population, there’s still quite a few people in only 885 square miles. But as compact as that seems, Jacksonville is very spread out. If you’re in Singapore, things change dramatically.

The entire square footage of Singapore is only 277.3 square miles, yet they’ve got 5.4 million people–that’s four times the size of Jacksonville in under a third of the space!  Now psychology shows when you have that many people in so small an area, urban environments can actually diminish mental health. One of the best ways to get around this is to upgrade your living quarters in such a way that they remind you of the reality outside the bustling megalopolis in which you live.  Balcony plants in Singapore are one of the best ways to do this. You can have a virtual jungle installed on your back patio that has the feel of a minute slice-of-life taken straight from a tranquil lagoon on a secluded tropical island.

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Mankind was designed to function in harmony with plant life.  This means there is a part of humanity which dies when modernity forcibly excises nature from itself. But a way to gain that back, even in a crowded place like Singapore, is with balcony plants.

A condominium or penthouse suite is a real privilege, but if the furnishings are Spartan, or of that utilitarian motif, it’s very likely it will subtly grate at you.  When all you see are grays and browns, metals and silvers and artificial hues, the mind can be directly affected. Imagine a backdrop of skyscrapers against a blue sky in the evening.  That can really be beautiful; but then there’s the smog, light pollution and noise to mar the scene.  But now plug in some balcony plants against Singapore’s sprawling horizon. Delicate greens and flowering shades perfectly embrace the scene, and since plants already exist to use photosynthesis among other mechanisms for the re-circulation of air, the smog is rescinded!  Furthermore, if you have balcony plants in great enough numbers, they will actually physically prevent some of the sounds of bustling Singapore from invading your living space. Sound-proofing simply reflects sound waves like a mirror reflects light. If you have a thick enough forest implanted on your balcony, you can leave your house and enter into a twenty square foot wonderland of nature, and for just those moments feel utterly unique in the world; utterly at peace.

Just looking at plants is good for your health, psychologically, as it awakens that extant nature within individual human beings which was designed to function in harmony to such greenery. For your health and your peace of mind, it’s a good idea to get balcony plants installed in your home; especially if you’re living in a place that’s as well-populated as Singapore. To help meet this market need, Singapore Landscape Design (at has put together a professional team of landscapers and urban gardeners specifically trained in the art of effective balcony plant installation. Reasonably priced services can transform a spartan balcony into a lush paradise in the very center of one of the most densely populated urban jungles.

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