Contact lenses vs. Laser surgery: Which path to take?

Whether you’re short sighted, long sighted, or suffer from a different sight problem altogether, you’ll no doubt have discovered there are more eye care options available than ever before. Such choices are confusing, though; will you opt for glasses, lenses, or surgery? It’s time to look a little deeper…

Your eyewear, your rules

Perhaps you struggle to find frames that suit your face or coloring, feel self-conscious in your eyewear, or have a job that makes wearing glasses something of a hassle, or even an inconvenience. You may even get fed up of losing your glasses – note, they’re probably on your head. Whatever the reason, maybe it’s time to investigate other routes; this is your eye care, after all.

Now, let’s be straight here – there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing glasses. In fact, some of the hottest celebrities accessorize their faces with glasses, and they can make you look sophisticated, smart, and stylish, as well as accentuating your features. However, if you would like to move away from glasses, there are other options you could choose from – and who doesn’t love choice?

Contact lenses

These have long been the go-to alternative to glasses, offering an invisible means of correcting eyesight. Especially popular amongst those who lead active lifestyles, workers with jobs that make wearing glasses impractical, or the style-conscious seeking to retain their natural look, Pure Optical contact lenses offer an alternative that is just as good as specs.

With contact lenses you could even change your eye color if you wanted, although fashion lenses often don’t offer the same protection, or even sight benefits, of their prescribed cousins. Of course, as with glasses there are some disadvantages to lenses. There are those who simply can’t get on with these tiny pieces of, well, plastic, and you may find you’re a little squeamish when it comes to touching your own eyeballs. Contact lenses can also dry out your eyes, and should only be worn for a certain amount of time – hardly ideal if you work long hours staring at a computer. The pros and cons should be thoroughly weighed up before you opt for lenses, although most opticians offer a free trial so you can get to grips with them before you make a long-term commitment. In any case, make sure you discuss your options with an eye care professional that will talk you through everything that’s available, and the solutions that will best suit your eyes’ health.

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So, is there an alternative to glasses and lenses? Well, yes, laser surgery is rapidly gaining popularity, and it’s not hard to see why (pun not intended). Laser surgery offers fast, effective treatment for a range of sight problems and, in many cases, proves a permanent solution. Imagine, a life without glasses or costly prescriptions! You may be concerned that laser surgery will hurt, or that it could go wrong and permanently damage your eyesight. Let us be the first to reassure you, these days the risks associated with laser surgery are minimal.

Be sure to choose a reputable specialist or surgery, such as the Montgomery LASIK vision surgery, attend pre and post-surgery consultations, and do your research. You may also be wondering about the cost of laser surgery. While pricey at first, it’s important to weigh up this one-off cost against years’ worth of new pairs of glasses, and frequent lens purchases; it’s up to you to choose what’s best for you.

These days eyewear is about so much more than being able to see clearly; it’s time to consider what best suits your lifestyle, the type of look you’re going for, cost, and how your eyes are taken care of. You may prefer to accessorize your features with glasses, opt for lenses, or go down the path of laser surgery. Whatever you choose, make sure that you eyes’ health are at the forefront of your decision – your style will soon follow suit.

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