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Top Construction Scheduling Software Choices

When integrating technology into your construction project planning, it is extremely important to find a perfect project. Apparently, there are a number of features that need to be taken care of such as PERT charts and Gantt. Usability is one of the chief factors. All the team members must have an understanding of the software. You cannot overlook the expense too; it can surpass your overall project. These and many more benefits can be reaped with the best construction project scheduling software.

Just check out the 5 top construction scheduling software selected just for you.


Procore is mobile-based construction management scheduling software to help companies make their project management better and streamline documentation and project communication more accountable. Users can monitor their projects from a tablet, laptop, desktop or a mobile device but they these should be connected to the web. Procore runs under (SaaS) model. Hence project managers and general contractors can purchase on a subscription basis.

With Procore, a user can associate with everyone involved and view documents including RFIs, submittals, schedules, contracts and drawings. Individuals involved such as architects, general contractors, construction companies and engineers have access to edit and share the data from the job site. The facility owners can view the progress made by each project. Procore can manage field communication, construction projects, documents, drawings and much more. Procore is adept at enhancing accountability and this in turn averts unwanted costs and the missed deadlines. The team can thus work according to a schedule so that their outputs and deliverables can be documented to make you have full control over the progress of the project.


CoConstruct is one of the best construction scheduling software for small businesses. It is a cloud-based management system for remodelers and home-builders. The software allows a single entry estimating system for a user to enter information but just once. This allows data flow directly from the specifications, estimate, selections, change orders, bids, budgets, and to and from QuickBooks with no need to enter it twice. It provides a privilege to manage the projects from the desktop or tablet with the help of the mobile app.

CoConstruct is a fully integrated financial system with a well-organized communication, scheduling, subcontractor and client portals, photos, files, time clock, to-dos, warranty, job log and more. CoConstruct offers builders unlimited bidding, estimating and no charge projects. When you subscribe to CoConstruct, a small company construction project scheduling, you get custom branding in alliance with the builder’s website, implementation coach, online and phone support unlimited training and an option to be a part of in-person, 2-day training session with other users. It is easy to manage tasks and projects with a drag and drop mechanism.

Builder TREND

Builder TREND is regarded as some of the best remodeling construction scheduling software for specialty contractors, general contractors, remodelers, and home builders. It integrates project management, customer management, financial management, service management with project scheduling at a single place. Builder TREND is a cloud-based platform and can be accessed with a mobile device or a computer. Each individual can be given their to-do lists, tasks with a daily log to record assignments to be shared with all the individuals and groups.

Builder TREND offers pre-sale tools. These comprise pre-sale tools such as built-in customer relationship management (CRM) system, proposals and quick bids. Project management tools of Builder TREND comprise of time sheets, budgeting, scheduling besides others. Customer management tools comprise of selection management, change order, payment processing and warranty requests. Besides these, Builder TREND combines solutions like Xero, QuickBooks and other super dedicated takeoff and estimating tools. It offers an account manager for training and support. Not just this, the online small company construction project scheduling tool includes daily webinars, customized branding, support chat, a 24/7 help section, Learning Community and Builder TREND University.


Acculynx is one of the best construction project scheduling software developed for firms, home builders, contractors, specialty contractors and property owners. Some of the standard features of the online tool include project management, project scheduling, estimates modules, bid management and service management. The software records all the conversations, to revisit all the conversations making it easy to analyze why a particular decision was taken. It is mobile-based. This helps all the users to connect, discuss and communicate with each other. An unlimited number of photos and documents can be stored for users’ to benefit from it.

Acculynx helps businesses gain an edge and be more productive with Desktop integrations and QuickBooks Online. Be on top of the manpower and resources with project planning and work scheduling. Manage all with your mobile device. As a small company construction project scheduling, Acculynx provides the users with a platform to stop the job information and then access them anywhere, anytime. It helps managers’ eye business opportunities. Sellers offer features to see the selling ability and maximize productivity and sales exponentially. Acculynx has iOS and Android applications for field access.


Corecon is a cloud-based construction management scheduling software to provide high-quality functionalities such as project management, estimating, job costing besides scheduling. Multiple dashboards help users gain access to information on various facets of the project. The construction companies can automate tasks via the dashboard. The construction management scheduling software boasts of features, including bid management, tracking, procurement, lead tracking, correspondence, time tracking, documentation and correspondence. Another feature, Corecon mobile provides usage on smartphones and tablets.

Corecon TeamLink Portal offers a self-service portal to share as well as store project data to both – members of the team (such as owners, engineers, architects, subs and vendors) and Corecon subscribers. Another module of the top construction scheduling software, CoreconLink helps to combine integrating the online solution to Microsoft Outlook or the company’s existing accounting system. The project is then linked and synchronized and lets the users connect conversations, files and information easily. This helps in taking decision and predict outcome. Other features include documentation, collaboration, accounting integration, change orders and time tracking.

Summing up

The best construction project scheduling software ensures streamlined processes, more budgeting processes, better coordination with vendors and contractors and production use of labor. Secure your business with the best scheduling software and discover the benefits.

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