Considering Portable Solar Panels? These 7 Benefits Make Them a Win

The main advantage to buying portable solar panels is in the name – they can be easily moved wherever you’d like. If you need to place them in unique spots at different times of the year to catch the sun, it’s easy.

However, movability isn’t the only reason to purchase these convenient devices. There are several other convenient aspects about them that you’ll love.

Here are seven benefits that might sway you towards purchasing portable solar panels today.

1. Great for Fixed and Mobile Use

Portable solar panels can be used for fixed and mobile use. You can place them on home or business premises rooftops for fixed use and even install them on top of your vehicle for mobile use.

Mobile solar panel use does mean you’ll likely have to combine a battery, solar generator, and another component system for it to work properly. The panels typically charge the solar generator, which can then be used to power various electronics.

However, these panels are designed to work better for mobile usage than for fixed usage. Portable panels are ideal for charging electronics like your smartphone and lighting set up while on the go. They’re perfect for outdoor adventures like hiking, camping, fishing, supported overnight bike or horse trail riding, and such activities.

The panels are also easy to fold up for traveling.

2. Weather Resistant

Portable solar panel technology is highly resistant to water. This applies to the charge controller, too, which means that your solar panels likely won’t get severely damaged if exposed to rain, sprinklers, pool splash, etc.

3. Quality Cells

For the most part, portable solar panels are composed of monocrystalline cells, which is a durable material.

The cells are made by the formation of silicon into bars, which are then cut into the monocrystalline cells. This also means that the silicon becomes single crystal.

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Electrons move freely within this system, which helps the panels to provide more power to the devices being charged.

4. Built-in Device Protection

Many portable solar panels are made with charge controllers built-in. These controllers prevent devices from being over-charged, which can damage them. Some controllers facilitate fast charging without damaging devices.

Controllers also protect against overvoltage, which can also damage electronics and pose safety risks.

5. Creates Sustainable Energy

By using a portable solar panel set-up, you will be using energy from the sun. This means you will be lessening pressure on the earth’s non-renewable resources.

Solar energy is available anywhere ins the world, even in countries with lower temperatures and more frequent cloud cover. There are always a few days of sun in summer when panels can be fully charged up.

6. Cuts Utility Bills

When used at a fixed location, solar panels can help to reduce your energy bills significantly. With power costs currently going up as much as 50% at the moment, this is not a consideration to dismiss.

The larger and more advanced your system is, the more solar energy it will provide, and the more you’ll save on traditional electricity. A portable system may not provide as much power as a more permanent system, but it will still help you save money.

7. Maintenance is Simple and Affordable

Another fantastic benefit of portable solar panels is that very little maintenance is required. Just keeping them clean goes a long way to their longevity. This makes it a highly cost-effective choice. Warranties also last for up to 25 years on solar panels.

Some Final Thoughts

If you’re on the fence about getting yourself a portable solar panel system, now may be the time to take the plunge. With energy costs going up drastically at the moment, you could end up saving money in the long run without a huge amount of hassle.

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