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Concrete Resurfacing The Easy Way

Does your old, worn pool deck give you sleepless nights? You should stop worrying. Epoxy flooring professionals now often handle pool decks because they have the right grinding equipment and can easily handle the surface preparation.  You can transform your old pool deck by resurfacing it without tearing out the old concrete. Pool deck resurfacing can help you achieve a nice color, natural and beautiful look on the stone. It not only enhances the pool decks’ beauty it also helps in repairing damages on the pool. Here are a few suggestions on what you need to resurface your pool, cost, and pool resurfacing options.

Materials Required

It’s pretty simple. Apply the acid etching agent to the concrete, let it sit for a few minutes and then get it off!

What is the Best Option for Pool Deck Coating?

It will help to consult a professional on what option is best for your pool deck resurfacing. Below are a few of the most popular resurfacing options we have for pool decks.

What is the Cost of Resurfacing a Pool Deck?

It is cheaper to resurface your pool deck compared to tearing and replacing one. The average cost of pool deck resurfacing ranges from $5 to slightly above $10 per square foot. The cost of pouring a new deck is higher than that of resurfacing an existing one. Of course, the cost of pool deck resurfacing is determined by various factors, such as color, geo-location, size, materials, cracks on the surface, and any extra customization that you might need. Resurfacing your pool deck is something you can do by yourself. But, I would recommend you seek professional help to resurface your pool for a beautiful finish.

An Overview on How to Resurface Your Concrete Pool Deck

When applying on the sound concrete surfaces, you can spray or trowel concrete overlays on the surface. Stamps and stencils help in achieving beautiful and creative patterns like those on new concrete.  Below are a few guidelines to expect when resurfacing your pool deck:

  1. Prepare – make sure the surface is treated with chemicals for better results
  2. Clean – Using pressure, hose or broom, clean out any dust or debris to clean out the pool deck
  3. Mix – mix the integral colors and overlay product before applying on concrete
  4. Apply – Using a trowel or sprayer, apply the material on the concrete, then add the decorative treatments
  5. Seal – After the concrete is well cured, you should apply a sealer that helps in protecting your pool and making it last longer

It is important to thoroughly clean the concrete with the pressure washer to remove all the dirt, grease, and little concrete pieces. Then it would help if you patched all the holes and cracks to hide them from the surface. The next step should be to flatten the concrete edges to create a clear and smooth surface. After that, follow the manufacturer’s guide on the option you are using.  After following all the processes, you will see the concrete spicing up and having an appealing outcome.

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