How to Conceal Your HVAC Unit Without Messing Your Home Interior

A heating and cooling system for elements like air, water, food etc, are much required at homes, which are in such geographic areas which receive high heat in summers, and again chilling temperatures at winters. For such homes, the perfect air and water conditioning is achieved through a good HVAC system, refrigerators, water heater and sauna like equipments dealing in temperature regulations as highlighted in tankless water heater reviews.

The problem with the visibility of heating and cooling units

Though each of these units are very much necessary at homes seeing moderate to high seasonal temperatures, some ambiguities are faced by dwellers conscious of spoiling their interior décor. These electronic units are mostly big, bulky, take a lot of room, and sometimes are not much good looking. Yet they are important and must be fitted. Hence it’s good to find out a few smart ways, which will conceal their existence, and won’t make them oddly placed at just any part of the residence.

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In this article, we will focus on the odd visibility of big and bulky, and the highly necessary HVAC units in homes. The two most visible parts of these indispensible units are the furnace or boiler, and the ducts. There are many other parts in them, but these two things get the main attention of eyes.

How to conceal the furnace or boiler of an HVAC

There are many such places in a home, which are not normally traversed by guests. You should choose any such place to fit this biggest unit of the HVAC system. In some HVAC systems there is a boiler, while some uses a furnace. The hot or cold air is sent from this part to the room through the ducts.

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To place the furnace you may choose the terrace. This will be the best part in the building to choose, as none would discover the unit, while nothing inside the rooms will have to be altered for accommodating the big and ugly thing. You may also choose the balcony if you have one at the backside of house. Here again none would normally go and find out the machine.

The backyard is also a good option.

You also may place this under the stairs in the ground floor or basement. This is another good place to camouflage bulky things. Finally the attic is also a good place for the furnace or boiler, and if you have one use it. Besides these places some homes also have big lofts. However installing something inside a loft may be a complicated task with lots of adjustments to make.

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How to conceal the ducts of a HVAC system

The next big thing to think about in a HVAC system is the ducts. There will be lots of big and long ducts running everywhere in the home, from the main furnace or boiler to the many rooms. If you want to conceal them, then the best way is to have a false ceiling. The ducts running inside the false ceiling will never be seen. However installing a false ceiling will be costly, and you will have to plan accordingly.

Looking at cheaper solutions, you may cover the ducts only, in solid casing made of cardboard or ply. This will conceal the ducts while giving you more surfaces to highlight some artwork, light frames of paintings or pictures etc, crafts and wall paintings etc.

A false wall intruding inside the corners of the ceiling by a few inches will also be a good channel to accommodate the ducts. You may also use readymade faux wooden beams, which are made of hard plastic like materials to support the duct passage through the hollow inside. Sometimes instead of making the ducts pass through conceal walls or drop ceilings you may simply color the ducts in the same color as your ceilings are. This will be a good camouflage, and would make them less noticeable.

More studies for more ideas

Whatever utilities you bring in to the house, the decoration and ambience of the house should not be disturbed much to make the rooms look like a storehouse. Needless to say, more confusion about choice of appliances like saunas and water heaters etc are a pain for those who are conscious about both aesthetics and utilities. To gain a better idea, one should read necessary tankless water heater reviews and comparisons of infrared sauna vs traditional sauna, and decide the better option.

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