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How to Conceal or Blend Your Air Conditioner With Your Décor

You may have seen striking indoor décor or a patio design theme marred by a bulky, unsightly air conditioner. Everyone likes fresh, clean air all year round, but one drawback is having to deal with an HVAC unit breaking up the aesthetics of a room or a porch. While it is possible to find small air conditioners or those in neutral colors that at least do not clash with your furniture or carpet, it would be wonderful if HVAC units could be invisible. There are ways you can take these units out of sight and enhance the design of your space.

Making Air Conditioners Less Noticeable

The eye often skips over HVAC units when surveying the design of a room. It is one of those things like a television set that don’t seem to “count” as part of the interior decorating. However, even televisions can be decorative items themselves and can have a sleek, state-of-the art design that can complement a minimalist table or a piece of modern art. There are several things you can do to make your air conditioner less noticeable, including choosing a specific size, shape or placement of your unit.
You don’t have to buy the bulkiest air conditioner on the market when a smaller sized unit will do. In some cases, smaller, sleeker units can cost more, but this depends on the model. You may also find an HVAC unit with a higher price tag is more efficient as well as more attractive. In addition, you may be able to place your unit in an out of the way area that is not the focus on the room. On the contrary, you can deliberately choose to place you air conditioner where there is a significant amount of decoration so it is less likely to be noticed. Lavishly designed heavy curtains can be your friend.

Concealing Your Air Conditioner

You may decide that creating visual distractions from your air conditioner is not enough, but that you want to build a kind of cover to completely conceal it. This is a great idea for a patio, where you can place your air conditioner inside a box-like structure made of durable teak slats. Create a decorative lattice fence for your unit or go modern with geometrical shapes. Make sure the cover is easy to open and close to make regular air conditioning maintenance easier.

Taking Care of Your Air Conditioner

When you place wood or metal covers over your air conditioner, you have to be scrupulous about maintaining your air conditioner to ensure there are no leaks that can cause the metal outside the unit to rust or wear out the wood. Be sure to check your air conditioner filter at least every month in the summer time and be on the lookout for obstructions. Remove debris from the coils as needed to keep the unit functioning efficiently and to enhance safety.
Your air conditioner provides a needed service to you and your family by keeping your spaces cool in the summertime. You don’t have to compromise your décor with an unsightly air conditioning unit, but can find ways to make your air conditioner less obtrusive and to allow it to blend in with your interior or exterior décor.

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