Complete Guide on the Cake Toppings for Decoration

It takes only a smooth and delicious layer of cream to transform an ordinary sponge cake into a delicious one. The choice for any cake is always very confusing depending on the type of icing and decoration. Choosing the best decoration for your cake is not at all a simple task. There are a variety of frostings and icings available for cakes like meringue, white icing, buttercream, glazes, and so on. Cake designers use these frostings to make artistic appearances of an ordinary cake. So we’re going to discuss some of them with you so that you can decide which one to choose for your special celebrations.

Royal White Icing

There are various types of icings, the finest of which is royal icing. This is a bright white paste that gets hardened after the refrigeration. Because of the ingredients used therein, it is hard and brittle in texture. Royal Icing is a great choice for cookies and gingerbread decorations. It is made with lime juice and icing sugar. One can whisk these two together and add eggs to it. Rather than egg whites, one may also use meringue powder as the egg whites are at risk of salmonella. The royal icing can be dyed with edible food colors. A birthday cake with royal icing on it is one of the most perfect cakes ever you would have received.


It consists of a mixture that has plain melted chocolate along with the heavy cream. It is used to coat the cookies and cakes to make them perfect and shiny. Apart from the coating, ganache may also be used to make truffles. After the ganache gets cooled down, then you need to mix it. Then you can make small truffle balls by rolling it between the palms.  Rather than that, it can be used as a chocolate sauce if heavy cream is applied to the ganache. By incorporating some modifications in its texture, it can also be used to make chocolate fondue, mousse, and fudge.


We may for example equate fondant to clay. It is been used similarly as that of the clay which is by the kneading process. Fondant is the sturdiest and hardest icing used on cakes that can be conveniently molded according to your style. The fondant consists of glycol, water, sugar, gelatin, and so on. It can be extended without breaking, which can be used to decorate the cakes with the help of carving instruments.

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Whipped Cream

When you need a soft frosting, then the whipped cream is your preferred one. It is created by mixing heavy cream and sugar until it becomes light and fluffy. When incorporating flavors, it can be aromatized. This delicious icing makes your normal cake very delicious too. It is used for coating pastries, macaroons, muffins, etc.


This is a wonderful mixture of flavored butter combined with lots of sugar that gives the cakes an airy, fluffy, and smooth coating. There are nearly six buttercream varieties, including French, Italian, Swiss, German, American, and Pudding. When it comes to completing the cake with a topping, this is the most desired choice. Buttercream can be used both inside a cake as a filling and also for icing it. This is made by the combination of a lot of butter and sugar, then whip it until it is foamy. Butter quality will determine the buttercream’s consistency, texture, and flavor.

If you want any of the above mentioned, then you can look for it on the online cake delivery. You will surely get the most lip-smacking cakes for yourself on your special occasion.

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