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Commonly Neglected Wedding-Planning Details 

Wedding day is definitely one of the most memorable days of our lives. It is the day when everything needs to be in order. There are plenty of bigger and smaller arrangements that need to be done prior to the wedding so everything goes as planned.


We should mention some of the things that are commonly neglected while planning a wedding and that are as important as some much bigger and more complicated arrangements.

Entrance Decoration

Personalized entrance decor is one of the essentials, because it is a nice touch to make a good impression on wedding guests as soon as they arrive. If they see  warm and welcoming decor at the entrance it’ll make them more relaxed and they’re definitely going to enjoy the wedding reception twice as much.

Weddings that are held indoors could have the flower arrangements at the entry, and some colorful decorations next to the pathways. Paper lanterns can be a good option, since they look great, come in wide array of different colors and cost no more than $5 a piece. Another way to save money is to order flowers online that you are going to use at the entry way.

Weddings that are held outside, should use a combination of flowers (orchids for example) and sun catching glass ornaments, that can be placed on surrounding trees.

Cake Table Arrangements

Cake table is one of the central pieces of every wedding. It’s the place where guests often take photos of themselves, which means that arrangements for this table need to be on the top of wedding supplies checklist. Cake table needs to be low, especially if the main cake is more than three-story high.

Table linen should be in complementary color and sprinkling some small flowers or rose petals around the cakes might be a really good idea. Cake should be placed on the riser if the wedding is indoors and or it can be covered with canopy or some other elegant piece of cloth if the wedding is held outside.

Song List and First Dance

It is very important to talk with the hired band about the songs they are going to play. Couples that skip this step can end up with “Who Let the Dogs Out” or “Dude Looks Like a Lady” being played on their wedding reception. The best way to deal with this is to propose a song list that band is going to play.

Couples should always choose bands that already played on wedding receptions before and they should skip hard rock wannabes that are having rehearsals in the neighbor’s garage. After all, how do you imagine your first dance to look like? I’d say you want it romantic, memorable and hopefully one big tear-jerker.

Interesting Games for Kids

Parenting on wedding receptions can be quite exhausting, that’s why it’s good to provide some interesting games for the kids so their parents can enjoy the celebration. Both parents and their kids will appreciate this. Good way to relieve the parents is by setting a separate room for kids only, where they’ll have different kinds of games, craft supplies, some babysitters for the youngest ones as well as the entertainers for the toddlers.

Guest Policy

Every wedding needs to have non-spoken guest etiquette and the reason this exist is because some guests are capable of spoiling everybody else’s fun, especially after having a few drinks more than usual. Bride or the groom should never go into arguments with drunken guests. Much more elegant and efficient way is to tell waiters not to serve them alcohol anymore or ask some of their closest friends or relatives to talk to them. If the situation goes out of hand it’s important to stay calm, and let the security do their job.

Good organization, awareness of who these guests are, venue and the season when the wedding is planned, as well as all the tiny details that might seem insignificant, can save the Big Day. So keep in mind all the things we mentioned above when you embark on the journey which is the wedding planning and try to have fun while you’re at it.

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