Clean & Renewable Energy for South Australian Homeowners

We are indeed living in exciting times, and if you happen to be a homeowner in South Australia, you have a unique opportunity to take advantage of a very generous grant offered by the government to install a solar power system in your home. There are two main components to a solar power system; the solar panels that are fixed onto the roof, and the home battery, which stores the collected energy.

Cutting Edge Battery Technology

Fortunately, the best home battery on the market is manufactured by Sonnen, who have a manufacturing plant in South Australia, and their batteries are made from lithium iron phosphate, which is currently the safest technology available. The units have a lifespan of over 10,000 recharging cycles, which means you have clean and renewable energy for many years to come, and with the local government grant, everyone can afford to install a solar energy plant.

Image by Sonnen

Energy Independence

Once you have installed a state-of-the-art solar energy plant in your home, you are no longer subject to energy price hikes, and you can rest assured that the energy you use is not in any way harming the environment. The amount of sunshine hours we experience in Australia makes for a very favourable environment for solar energy, and you will no longer be reliant on the national grid for all your energy needs. There are also huge savings to be made, and the best time to start saving is right now, and with a simple online search, you can be talking to a company like Sonnen, who are government approved to supply and install top quality solar power systems.

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Take Control Over your Energy Needs

We have been at the mercy of energy corporations for decades, and every time there is a price increase, we have little choice but to suck it up. Yet by installing a solar power system in your property, you can say goodbye to reliance on others for your energy requirements, and with very attractive local government concessions, solar energy is affordable for everyone. The future will see more and more homeowners turning to solar energy to meet their power requirements, and the South Australian government wants to provide the ultimate financial incentive to encourage people to make the switch to clean and renewable energy that the sun provides.

Quick Return on your Investment

In only a few years, you will have recouped the investment for the solar power system, and after that, you have free renewable energy. For the eco-friendly homeowner, this is a dream come true and the sooner you make the switch, the sooner you will reap the many benefits that having an independent solar power system brings.

Unlimited Potential

Once you have installed solar power, you will no longer worry about how many air-conditioning units you run, and the absence of those quarterly energy bills will certainly be a welcome change. Each system is designed around your needs by experts, and with a long product warranty, you can look forward to many years of free energy.

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