Choosing The Right Frame To Showcase Your Artwork

Every image has a meaning. But there’s more to Picture Framing than meets the eye.

After you’ve chosen a stunning photo to print, the next step is to find the perfect frame to complement it and turn it into true artwork. You can either select the frame by visiting any art shop or you can go for custom picture frames online. The good news is that once you understand the basics, selecting a photo frame is simple.

Of assist you, we’ve revealed all of the secrets to picking the perfect picture frame, whether it’s made of metal, wood, black, or white.

After you’ve decided on the best type of frame for your photo, complete your project by selecting from the options below.

Popular Frame Styles

There are many different sizes and styles of frames to choose from, but a few of them are very popular: wood frames, black or white frames, and metallic frames. When utilized correctly, these styles enhance the overall presentation of your artwork.

Frames Made Of Wood

Wood has a warm and classic feel to it because it is a natural material. Wood frames come in a variety of colors, from light to dark, depending on the finish. This gives you a lot of alternatives for complimenting and contrasting your photographs.

Choosing a wood frame is also influenced by the rest of the room and your home’s design. Simple wood frames to ornate and intricately detailed ones are available.

Picture Frames: Black Or White

A black frame will draw attention to the darker aspects of your photo while contrasting with the lighter ones. To achieve a balanced look, it’s preferable to utilize a photograph with some light and dark tones in a black frame.

White frames have the same effect. They tend to highlight the darkness in photographs while blending the light hues into the background. For informal and candid images, white frames work best.

Picture Frames In Metal

Metallic frames, like black frames, exude a contemporary, fashionable aura. They enhance the color of a photograph, making it more bright and appealing. Metallic picture frames are ideal for family pictures, gorgeous landscapes, and wedding images because of their elegant appeal. On the other side, candid photographs may look better in a black, white, or wood frame.

Metallic picture frames look great with black and white images. They give a vibrant contrast to the shot.

Tips On Choosing The Perfect Frame For Your Artwork

Tip 1:

Don’t put too much emphasis on matching certain colors in your photo to the color of the frame. Instead, while choosing a frame, think about the image’s overall tone.

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Tip 2:

For informal or basic art, select a lighter frame; for more sophisticated or formal pieces, choose a darker frame.

Tip 3:

It’s more vital to match a frame to your existing room decor than it is to match a hue in your photograph to the frame itself. Choose a frame that either blend in with your existing décor or offer just the appropriate amount of distinction.

Tip 4:

Make sure your frame color isn’t too similar to your wall color to assist your artwork stand out.

Tip 5:

The color of your mat and frame should be distinct. When they’re too similar, the focus shifts from the artwork to the framing.

Advice On Choosing The Perfect Frame For Your Artwork

Go Big!

Without first viewing a framed image, many people underestimate its size. If you’re ever in doubt, go for the bigger option! A fantastic framed image or artwork can be like a window, allowing you to escape and glimpse another world for a little period. A larger window appeals to everyone. Similarly, larger-scale framed prints might serve as a window to the globe!

Allow It To Breathe

When the margins of a picture meet the frame’s edge, the artwork can feel confined or suffocating. The increased distance between the art and the frame, on the other hand, creates an aesthetically beautiful balance and proportion, allowing the observer to view and appreciate the work comfortably.

Flattening Things

A good custom framer will be able to vacuum mount your image flat on the backing board, preventing it from cockling or buckleing over time as the temperature changes. This is especially crucial for pieces larger than A1.

Make A Wall Of Galleries

Don’t limit yourself to one frame when it comes to wall art. Create a selected collection of significant photographs and ideas that reflect your personality and style in a grouped ‘gallery wall’ display. There are no rules to follow here, so share your narrative and turn your walls into your own private gallery!

Displaying Your Frame

Finally, self-adhesive hanging hooks are only as good as their adhesive or, at best, the paint to which they adhere. These items are frequently postponed ‘heart attacks’ waiting to come when gravity finally wins.


Finally, a picture frame is made up of more than four pieces of wood and a piece of glass. A picture frame, when done correctly, is a crucial tool for enhancing any art print and bringing a tale to life!

Browse our large variety of wall art and frames to enjoy the process of selecting a photo frame. Remember our advice, but most importantly, choose what feels right to you and complements your own sense of style.

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