Choosing a Family Camping Tent

Family camping is always fun and exciting as we get lot of time to spend with the family members. To make this family camping trip more exciting, we need to wisely choose the family camping tent so that the money spent is worthwhile. The family camping tents come in different shapes and sizes and hence the wide range of variety is being sold at stores and also online.

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There are few tips which we should keep in mind while choosing the family camping tent so that your trip doesn’t turn out to be a not-so-happy adventure. We hope that the below mentioned points are informative and practical enough to help you with your choosing.

Number of people using the tent

First, you need to consider the number of people who are using the tent. Look for tent which offers spacious rooms. If you have an extra room than the number of specified room, then that room can be used to host any additional guest or even it can be used to store the luggage. If the specification of the tent is for 4 persons, then it would definitely accommodate 4 persons but the space would be not enough for keeping your luggage. So it’s always advisable to look for tent having specification for 6 persons.

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Conditions in which tent will be used

There are different tents available in the market and it also depends on the weather conditions in which tent needs to be used. Some of the tents are made only for sunny and calm day, they are not suited for heavy rains and storms. While some other tents are best suited for harsh weather conditions. Summer Tents are light in weight and have lot of ventilation. They are not suited for harsh conditions. Whereas a three season tent is more likely to survive heavier rain and winds and also provide protection from extreme cold conditions and ultraviolet sun rays. We recommend you should buy a tent stake to prevent bad weather.

Ease of use

While purchasing a tent, you also need to keep in mind the number of people which are required to set-up the tent and also the time it will take to set-up. Nobody wants to spend hours upon arrival at the camping site, trying to put the tent up. Also, keep in mind that bigger the tent size, the more of space is required and bigger should be the camping site. You can google for various videos which can guide you all the steps for pitching in the tent perfectly.

Materials of tent

Material of tent is another feature which you need to consider while purchasing the tent. Tents which are canvas are waterproof but then they become more heavy as the water gets absorbed. They are also long lasting and they don’t deteriorate much as those made of nylon. Also, look for zip being used in the tent. It’s generally overlooked but it is an essential part of the tent. If the zip fails, there can lot of things in the tent which you don’t want to get inserted in your tent. So, always try looking for the zip which has good quality, moves easily and is also non-rusting.

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