How To Choose TV Stand Size: Measuring And Decoration Tips

How to choose TV stand dimensions is not a brain surgery, even though there are certain minor details that can be easily overlooked. One of the most common mistakes while choosing a TV stand is that screen size, indicated on the box, never takes TV frame into the account. That is, getting a TV stand the same size as the screen is not the wise choice. So, if you would like to make the most of your room, here is the quickest and the easiest how to choose TV desks size guide that will help you find the most functional model for your room:

Measuring TV stand dimensions


In a nutshell, the whole how to choose TV stand size process can be easily broken down into four simple steps:

1. Measure the actual TV dimensions. There are plenty of online tables that can give the actual TV size based on the screen diagonal, as well as other ways to define the actual physical size of the TV without laying your hands on it. However, the safest way is still to physically measure piece height, width and depth before you can define suitable TV stand size.
2. Pay attention to height. To ensure best TV watching experience, the middle of the screen should be a couple of centimetres below your eye level. That is, you should also consider your soft furniture height before you can define the best height for a new TV stand.
3. Consider your room shape. Living room shape and actual dimensions are another important part of how to choose a TV stand size process. In a large room, it is by no means necessary to go with a stand that is barely enough to accommodate your TV. It is also very important to match your TV stand shape to the shape of the room — especially, if the room is long and narrow.
4. Find the perfect spot for the TV. Another important step to choose TV stand size is to find a spot for it and build on that. If the room is really small, you might want to consider corner position, offering you a chance to get a larger stand for a larger TV without cluttering your functional room space.

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Decoration tips to bear in mind

While choosing the right TV stand size is incredibly important both for small and larger rooms, finding a design pattern to match your decoration picture is also very important to ensure consistent decoration picture in the room — no matter, if it is a living room or a bedroom.


The first and the most important tip is to choose a dominant decoration material and stick to it. If the room is mostly furnished with wood, look for wooden TV stands; if high gloss is the dominant finish, look for glossy models. If you are looking for a stand with cabinet, note that glass doors make the piece seem more compact, giving a light and flowing look to your room interior. For a modern room, you might also want to go with LED highlighted TV stand.

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