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Choose Thailand: Reasons to Move to and Enjoy this Amazing Country

Thailand is certainly one of the most amazing destinations to visit. Even if you are not particularly a fan of Asian culture this wonderful country will blow your mind. The tradition, culture, beauty, the exotic feel about it – there is pretty much anything your heart desires there. And a great time is guaranteed! If you are wondering why someone would want to live in Thailand, reasons are numerous.

We are listing you reasons why to go and live in this special country.

1. It’s Cheap

Despite the fact Bangkok is a modern metropolis with higher prices customary in big cities everything is still unbelievably affordable! Abundant coffee stands, affordable public transport and taxis, hygienic street food meals ($1-$2), cheap clothing, and lots of entertainment available for a fraction of the price from home… An even better thing is that, outside the cities, prices drop dramatically.


Housing can be expensive in the cities, it’s true. But then again, this is the case anywhere around the world. Still, even the “expensive housing prices in Thailand” are way cheaper than those in Europe or North America.

The fact everything is cheap and/or affordable doesn’t mean there’s lack of anything. You can basically have anything you like and want, whenever you want it. Missing Diet Dr. Pepper? How about a German pretzel or Nutella? No problem. Thailand has most comforts you might miss from home. They are costly though, but hey pretty much everything else is cheap.


2. Public Transportation

Public transportation is great and pretty cheap. There are buses, a train system, motorcycle taxis, bicycle taxis, mini-vans, tuk tuks (rickshaws)… Take your pick!

Bangkok Skytrain has both an above ground sky train system and an underground metro system. If you opt for some traveling from city to city that of course is not a problem, plus all of these are much cheaper than would be expected.

The air connections are also good which is no surprise given that the Bangkok airport is one of the busiest in the world.

3. Culturally Rich

All Asian countries have amazing culture and history and it’s such a great honor to be a part of it on daily basis. Thailand has its own unique approach toward life – it’s a country that has never been conquered and it is open to the outside world. The Buddhist influence can be seen everywhere, the architecture is stunning, and the food is absolutely phenomenal. Rare are places that can offer so much beauty and so many new experiences.


Plus, Thailand is not like one of those culturally rich but sterile countries. People here are so warm and welcoming and they’ll go out of their way to help a visitor out with anything he/she may need. It’s absolutely stunning.


For those drawn by the exotic segments of countries they visit or live at, Thailand has beautiful jungles in the north, mountains, elephant habitats, and indigenous people living a completely different way of life.


4. Great Infrastructure

Yes, you know it, we know it – the traffic in Bangkok is truly terrible. But, the infrastructure in Thailand is fantastic, at least compared to the rest of Southeast Asia.

For a location-independent worker, the digital infrastructure is also more than sufficient. This information is probably a deal breaker for internet addicts who were exploring other places of Southern Asia apart from Thailand – it’s all but impossible to find real, broadband internet in Southern Asia except in Vietnam. But Thailand’s got it! Just like any modern country, Thailand has amazing connections and you can get your work done from cafes that serve high-speed wifi along with cappuccinos or kick back and relax and do all the work from your home. You’ve got limitless options, really!

5. Safety

Just like the rest of Southeast Asia, Thailand is a safe destination for both locals and travelers. The cities are generally free of the craziness you find in other places. With such a Buddha driven place, it’s almost impossible to get annoyed with anything or to run into problems. Buyers from around the world come to Thailand and buy property. They are probably envisioning great future in this area.


If you decide to move to Thailand be sure you won’t make a mistake. It’s a wonderful country with beautiful people. Worst comes to worst, you can always move back home!

6. Luxury Villas

Thailand has some of the most luxurious rental homes in the whole of the world. Beachfront villas, chefs and staffs, swimming pools and private transfers are what set this country apart. There are loads of islands in Thailand and each one has something individual to offer. Tempston luxury are Koh Samui vacation rental experts and if you are unsure of where to start, this is a great island!

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