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How to Choose an Outdoor Light Pole?

Outdoor lighting is a vital part for our homes. Not only does it make our house more beautiful and lit-up. They completely change the atmosphere of our outdoors and provide ample safety. Selecting the right type of outdoor light pole can be a daunting task. The installation of the right light pole for your porch and the driveways can enhance the entire lighting atmosphere of your home. You can also include the adjustable light patterns to install them at a proper place in your home.

Where do you want to put outdoor light pole?

You need to decide places where you will set up outdoor lighting in your home. There are more places than just your main gate!

Installing porch lights with the outdoor light pole:

Choosing the type of lamp

Now that you have decided the places that you need to light up outside your house. The UL rating decides what type of moisture condition an outdoor light can be located outside.


Outdoor lighting that is rated as damp is best suited for places that are moist and humid. These fixtures are best suited for outdoor areas that are fully, or half covered like porch, garage etc. these fixtures cannot be directly exposed to harsh weather conditions


Outdoor lighting that is rated as wet is best suited for locations that experience harsh weather conditions. These lights can come in direct contact with water and can be used anywhere outside your house like, driveway, porch, walkway, garden and much more. Now you need to decide the real purpose behind the outdoor light pole that you want to install. Safety and security is the most basic but given below are some other reasons why people light up their outdoors.

To make outdoors pretty

Decorative lights come in a lot of variety that includes the chandeliers, pendant lights, wall light and string lights etc. these always work best for your porch, entryway, garden walkway, stairways, around the trees, outdoor walls etc.

Solar lights, landscape lights, flood lighting are some types of lights that you will require for your driveway, deck area, walking way, garage, main door etc. The security of your house lies in your hands and you need to ensure that you do the best job while making your house look pretty too.

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