How to update child’s room décor with their age

Having children is the greatest joy but they grow up so fast that it is almost impossible to keep up with all the changes through which they go. Whatever improvements you make in the room of your kid over the years, make sure that you don’t go overboard with the additional decoration and elements. The most important quality of a room, which will guarantee your comfort, as well as the comfort of your little one, is the easy cleaning. When your child is still little, you will be the person who will clean and organise the premise and later this responsibility will transfer to your kid. In any case, the less furniture and other things you put in the room of your little one, the easier the cleaning will be and this way your kid might even enjoy doing it alone.

Every new period in the life of your child comes with new preferences, dressing styles and other things in which is included also the look of the child’s room. You probably can’t afford to redecorate that premise of you home every time your little one wants something else but you can still make some changes every now and then to freshen up the place and to make your child happy. Those renovations are very simple and all they will cost you is little money and some free time.


Despite the cleaning, there are also some other things you need to think about, PromptCleaners London advise you. To make the update of the décor of your child’s room easier, you can use the following tips:

Keep it simple – Like we already mentioned, the simple look is the best one for the room of your child, regardless of the age. Any current and future renovations you make will be easier because you will have enough space to put new furniture or something else that you find to be necessary. When your kid is little, you have to provide enough space for playing which means that you need to limit the decoration in the premise. When your girl or boy gets older, you can let him or her decide what changes are necessary in the premise.

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Focus on the repainting – The easiest way you can freshen up the look of the child’s room is by repainting. You can do it as many times as you want because the whole process doesn’t require a lot of finances. Instead of calling professionals, you can even do it yourself. The different colours on the walls can make you feel like you are in a completely different room and it is best, if you select them with your kid.


Try using modular furniture – Investing money in expensive crib or bed which you will have to donate or sell after a couple of years is a waste. Instead, you better buy modular furniture which you can rearrange later, according to the preferences of your little one. One change in the order of the furniture in the room of your kid and the whole appearance of the premise can drastically change, too.

Move the furniture – Along with the modular furniture, you can use others as well. For instance, you can bring something from the other premises of your home which you think that will be appropriate for the design of your child’s room. When you move the furniture you can receive some extra space in which you can put a desk, bookcases and other things for your kid. 

The renovating of the look of your child’s room is not so complicated when you know the right techniques. With the previously mentioned interesting tips you will be able to satisfy the need of your child for changes and still keep your money in the bank.

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