Change up Your Landscaping: 4 Unique Flowers to Plant This Summer

Let’s be honest. Plants with unusual shapes and colors add significant interest and depth to your garden. There is certainly nothing wrong with growing classic rose bushes, but why not also add these odd but stunning flowers to your landscape this summer.

We’ve provided four of our favorites with each in a vibrant shade and texture:

Red Hot Poker Plant (Kniphofia)

It’s not difficult to see how this amazing flower got its name. The elegant plant comes from South Africa and features two-toned flower spikes of cylindrical form in red and yellow that resemble a hot poker. These long, tall beauties thrive in full sun, well-drained soil and hardiness zones 6 to 9. They also allure hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden with their vibrant flowers and sweet nectar.

Queen of Night Tulip (Tulipa)

Talk about a drama queen; this gorgeous and almost black tulip with purple undertones is mesmerizing to look at in large groupings. The bulb is perfect for beds and borders, so make sure you create a regal weed less setting. Residential mulch services offer the best way to create a flower’s perfect growing conditions. She is in her throne in zones 3 to 8.

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Himalayan Poppy (Meconopsis grandis)

Beautiful, big, blue flowers enhance any garden of any size, and these bold plants display sky-blue blooms almost five inches across. This showy plant thrives in zones 5 to 7 and likes tender loving care. The flower needs partly shady surroundings and a medium amount of water and when at its optimum best, can grow from two to four feet high.

Secret Lust (Echinacea Secret Lust)

This fragrant stunner is comprised of a double coneflower bathed in orange-red and light pink rays. It is eye-catching, delicate and feminine and a visual treat for any garden. The plant enjoys full sun to part shade and is quite low maintenance for its lovely qualities. It thrives in zones 3 to 8 and will adapt to drought, heat, humidity or poor soil. The Secret Lust is ideal for border fronts or rock gardens.

A beautiful residential garden can be of any size and bloom on any budget. Pretty pops of color draw the eye in, and unusual textures, shapes and varying plant heights all contribute to a garden’s uniqueness and personal appeal. Proper soil, the right kind of mulch and a healthy lawn surrounding your garden all create an idyllic atmosphere.

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