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How to Care for Your Commercial Aluminium Doors: 5 Useful Tips

When it comes to commercial Aluminium window or door, they are used for heavy-duty purposes or applications including offices, schools, shops and many commercial buildings.   Commercial aluminum doors in shopping malls, or in commercial and industrial zones are energy efficient, versatile and are made for fitting different designs and sizes.

Need for Maintenance

In fact, Aluminium is an excellent material or resource to use, but it will corrode. Many commercial people are at the risk when they have limited time to care for the commercial aluminium doors. You never forget about various things such as rollers, drop bolts, latches, and locks.

Follow the Simple Maintenance Tips

Maintaining the commercial aluminium doors is not a daunting task when you learn about the best maintenance tips. The following guidelines not only maintain the look of your door but also help you to increase the durability of your aluminium door.

Clean the door class

It is important to ensure that every glass portion of your doors is free of debris or dirt and also clean. There are many effective ways available to clean the glass, so you can follow the best one properly.   It is trying to avoid harsh cleaning because it may cause scratches on the surface or glass. When you use any cleaning liquid solution for the commercial aluminum doors in your warehouse or shopfront, make sure that you do not use any acidic or harsh solution, as that would reduce the quality and strength of aluminum.

Unclog Tracks

You need to ensure that the drain holes and roller tracks are cleaned properly and fully unclogged of the debris. When these portions are clogged fully, they are highly possible to get corrosion. You can try to use the vacuum for sucking up the set-in dirt or hard debris from commercial aluminium doors.  Along with this, you can utilize soapy water and soft cloth or sponge.

Wash the door frame

You can follow the above cleaning method to wash the door frame. There is a soft sponge or cloth required for washing the frame. You do not opt for harsh soap. When you wash the soap, you can ensure that you remove the soap off completely.  Once you complete the task, you can ensure to dry your frame with a dry, clean cloth for preventing additional damage or corrosion. If you cannot use the simple DIY method for cleaning the commercial aluminum doors, then you can hire professional door cleaners to get the door cleaned and maintained in a proper way.

Lubricate all Hardware Components often

You can utilize the straw applicator for lubricating everything such as roller assemblies, locks and handles by using any silicone spray. You can also apply the lubrication to both the hinges and joints of commercial aluminium doors for keeping them smoothly moving. Pulleys, tracks, door frames, channels and hinges must be kept operating in a smooth manner with the right quantity of certified lubricants. You should not use cheap oil or grease as a lubricant in this case.

Apart from that, commercial aluminium doors are powder-coated  to lots of different colors. In short, aluminium doors require fewer maintenance and care. With prolonged usage and installation for a long period of time, even the quality of aluminum deteriorates, and you need to repair or replace the aluminum doors in your commercial zones.

Why you opt for maintenance?

If you have a commercial property within few kilometers from the ocean, you should regularly clean as well as inspect the aluminium doors monthly.  The regular maintenance helps you to keep commercial aluminium doors in a good working condition, apart from enhancing their overall durability. Another benefit of maintenance is that it ensures the aluminium doors are working properly for an extended time.

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