How to Care for Your Bedsheets: A Beginner’s Guide

The one thing we might take for granted would be our beds, particularly our bedsheets. We sleep on it every day, and since it’s exposed to air pollutants in the room, make sure your bed sheets are regularly washed. Not only will this reduce the dirt and bacteria, but it will also keep your bedsheets looking beautiful and ready to take years of sleeping.

Here are a few measures you can take to ensure your bedsheets stay as good as new.

-When using a washing machine for King Size bedsheets, make sure to separate the sheets from towels and clothes. The setting should be on delicate or hand wash.

-Wash your double bedsheets once a week, and at least three times a week if you live in humid climates.

-Always fix your bed after getting up in the morning, properly folding the single bedsheets to avoid wrinkles or dust accumulation while you’re out.

-If you’re storing bedsheets, then put it in underbid storage or in labelled boxes to make it easier to get.

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-In case of stains, always pre-treat them before laundering single bedsheets, double bedsheets or even king size bedsheets. If you need to brighten white sheets, add 1/4 cup of lemon juice to the wash water.

-Remove the bedsheets as soon as the cycle is over to reduce wrinkles. Shaking them out before placing them in the dryer can also reduce wrinkles.

-When possible, dry sheets on an outside clothes line but out of direct sun. If drying in the clothes dryer, use a low heat setting to minimize the wear and tear.

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