Can You Save Money If You Do a Post Tenancy Cleaning Yourself

Moving from one residence to another can be stressful and exciting at the same time. A majority of tenants and landlords have an agreement that once the tenant vacates the home or apartment, they should leave it tidy and clean like it was before they moved in. Landlords expect tenants to clean every room with extra attention to specific areas like the bathroom and kitchen, which tend to attract a lot of grime. It is also essential to ensure that the windows are clean, the furnishings are free from dust, and doors are wiped down. You can choose to hire a professional cleaning company to clean the property or perform the task yourself.

Should you perform cleaning yourself or high a professional?

Performing the cleaning yourself is cost-effective, but it can be daunting to clean all the rooms as required. Before cleaning, make sure you read and understand your tenancy agreement. It specifies the condition the property should be left in before moving out. It is a good idea to perform end of tenancy cleaning yourself if you’re moving out budget is small. However, in some cases, hiring professional cleaners is the better deal. An example is when you need to deep-clean furniture or carpets. These tasks necessitate renting cleaning machines. To determine if cleaning yourself is better, calculate what you need to buy or rent. After that, check the prices of a professional end of tenancy cleaning service. If the end price does not have a significant difference, then you may opt for professional services.

How to perform cleaning yourself

If you decide to clean the residence yourself, you should do it as per the inspection checklist and check-in record. To ensure that the property passes the inspection, you should do the following:

The Kitchen

Take out every item on the shelves and cupboards and remove any stains with a damp cloth. If some appliances can be moved, pull them from their usual positions and wipe behind and beneath them. It is essential to clean the dishwasher and washing machine to ensure they have no built-up grime. Make sure you remove refrigerator trays and racks for thorough cleaning.

Living room

The main cleaning jobs in the living room are dusting and carpet cleaning. Vacuum your carpets thoroughly and if stains remain, hire professionals who offer post tenancy cleaning services to handle the situation. Clear the TV stands, cabinets, shelves, and coffee table and give them a quality polish.

Bathroom Cleaning

Clean everything in the bathroom, including mirrors, toilet, bathtub, and sink to eliminate any stains. Ensure all drains are clear and water flows smoothly and if blocked, use drain cleaners to remove blockages. Check all metallic surfaces such as showerheads, drain grates, and taps for rust. There are numerous and simple to use products that can help you tackle rust and limescale.

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Other cleaning tasks around the house, the bedroom includes:


Check the walls and skirting boards to see if they have scuff marks. If they are present, try to wash them off or paint over them using the same color.


Cleaning both sides of the windows is essential. Some windows may be hard to reach. In that case, you should hire professionals for they have equipment that can help them reach the windows.


Vacuum your furniture and use a dry wash solution to clean it. Ensure that there is no stain, odor, or hair remaining on the furniture.


Make sure you check the recommended washing process of the curtains. Some curtain manufacturers recommend dry cleaning. Dust all window blinds and curtain rods in the property. Repair damaged blinds or replace them if necessary.

End of tenancy cleaning may take time, but it is an essential task to perform. It can put you in a better position to get a refund of your security deposit. If you think you cannot handle any cleaning task well, do not hesitate to hire professional cleaners so that you do not violate the tenancy agreement.

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