What Can You Do To Improve Safety in Your Home

Have you ever thought abouWhat Can You Do To Improve Safety in Your Homet whether your home is completely safe, on the inside as well as on the outside? When was the last time you made a thorough check of potential hazards which could be lurking in and around your house? We recommend you do this if you live in a neighbourhood which has a bad reputation or you have small children. Being completely sure that your home is safe will give you more confidence you should definitely give it some thought.

External safety

Let’s go through some of the factors which can greatly influence the safety of your home from an outside point of view.

Updrating The Locks

First of all, you should check your door locks. Are they up to date with modern standards? Installing a new lock to the front door is a relatively simple task and won’t cost you a lot of money. Check out this simple guide on how to install a new lock.

Smart Locks

Smart lock systems were used mostly in the car industry not too long ago, but now they are available for home usage too. They use a smart key which functions similarly to a remote control, utilizing an appropriate range of frequencies to unlock your door locks.  Nowadays you can unlock your doors using a cell phone and adjust personalized lock settings to authorize access to your home.
For those of you who want to be extra secure, there are modern biometric locks which use finger prints for identification and they aren’t as expensive as they use to be.

Consider alarm systems

Next, alarm systems: regular and smoke alarms. If you keep a lot of valuable possessions in your home instead of a bank vault it would be a wise thing to consider installing a modern alarm system. Depending on the size of your home/estate, you could even include video surveillance. Cameras are often a strong factor in discouraging burglars from break-ins. Smoke alarms are pretty straightforward and they will surely add another important element of security to your home.

Safety Bars

If you live on the ground floor of an apartment building, you could easily forget to close the windows and leave the house exposed to a risk of burglary. Installing bars on windows might not be the most aesthetic solution but it surely is a cheap and effective one. You should give it some thought.

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Internal safety

The most important items on the internal safety checklist should be electrical and plumbing installations.

Electrical installations

Always check whether your electrical installations are properly insulated and keep all electrical equipment in a dry place. Moist quickly turns to corrosion which in turn can cause serious damage to electrical equipment and therefore create a fire/electrocution hazard.
Should you encounter damaged cables with live wire breaking out of insulation, it is highly recommended to replace them with new ones instead of trying to patch them with duct tape. Remember to use circuit breakers before attempting to deal with any kind of electrical issues.


Plumbing system

When it comes to plumbing, it’s very important to make sure that the system works in perfect order. Small leaks can lead to major breakdowns so it is essential to act as soon as you discover a fault. Having a list of phone numbers for emergency services can greatly improve your response time, so it might be wise to bookmark an emergency plumber. Also,e ven if you’re not a tool-savvy person, you should visit an online tool shop and make sure you have at least some rudimentary tools which will enable you to handle to situation.
In case of emergencies, the least you can to is to be able to locate the main water valve instantaneously in order to prevent further damage until the plumber arrives.

Child protection

If you have small children, you probably know just how curious and adventurous they can be. They will explore the home as if they have never been in it before, and by doing so, they are sometimes prone to creating dangerous situations. And of course you will as a loving parent want to protect them.
Some of the things you can do is to secure all electrical outlets with protective plastic covers, secure any sharp edges around the house, get staircase barriers. There are so many things to think of, check out this list and see what you can incorporate in your home to make it a safer place for your little ones.

In conclusion

Providing adequate safety for your family and yourself is one of the most important things you should do. Even though no system or precaution can give you a 100% guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong, making a conscious effort to tighten the loose ends will most certainly be worthwhile. Keep this in mind you will most definitely sleep tighter at night.

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