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Camping And How A Generator Can Improve Your Experience In Nature

Did you know that the average adult spends 93% of their entire life inside? That phenomenal statistic should be a wake-up call for all of us. Researchers say that spending even a short time in nature can reduce depression and negative thoughts.

So why not try sleeping under the stars, catching fireflies, roasting marshmallows, and taking a break from the (not so great) indoors? Yes, it’s time to get outside and go camping.

If your a camping newbie or feel worried about the lack of conveniences, use a portable generator to upgrade your camping experience. Is buying a generator a wise investment? We’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

Are you ready for an in-tents experience? Let’s get under the canvas!

How a Generator Can Benefit Your Camping Trip

If you’re a camping snob and love to rough it in the wild “Bear Grylls style”, a generator may feel like a cop-out. But for the regular Joes out there, a weekend away from ALL amenities can feel more of a nightmare than a vacay.

While regular folks love to be out in nature, they need a touch of civilization to keep them going. A generator can make your trip back to nature not seem so scary.

Read on to find out how a generator can benefit your camping trip.

A Good Nights Sleep

On your camping trip checklist, make sure to add something comfy to sleep on.  You can use your generator to power your airbed pump, so you don’t lose your breath trying to blow it up yourself.

On a winter camping vacay, you can snuggle up in a cozy sleeping bag. But when it’s hot, there are only so many layers you can strip off. And if you open up the tent, an army of bugs fly in!

Having a quiet generator on hand will allow you to keep a fan inside your tent. This will make you feel cool as a cucumber on those roasting summer nights. You can wake up the next day and feel refreshed.

Bye Bye Bugs

There will always be bugs in the forest. But having a generator can decrease the number of bugs that nibble away at your flesh. With a generator on hand, you can plug in an electric bug zapper to keep your camping area mozzie-free.

While candles and coils help, they are no match for an electric bug zapper. This will help your stay to be more comfortable and bite-free.

In Case of Emergency

While shutting off all communications may feel tempting, it’s always good to have something ready in case of an emergency. Having a generator will enable you to keep your phone charged up and ready in case anything happens.

Besides phones, there are other things that can help in an emergency too. Such as rechargeable flashlights or a radio. It’s better to be safe than sorry after all.

Fun for All

Camping out in the wilderness may not seem like a one-size-fits-all vacation. But if you add some home comforts, ANYONE can enjoy the experience. It can be a successful multi-generational vacation if you pack the right items.

Kids love roughing it. But camping out in the middle of the forest may pose many dangers to children. Having a generator on hand will give you peace of mind knowing that help is only a call away.

Even seniors can enjoy camping. They just need to make sure they add a generator and other amenities to their camping trip checklist. For example, a comfy air bed, an easy pop-up tent, and an electric kettle for cups of tea.

Make Better Food

While cooking a meal over the campfire is quintessential to camping, others feel much safer if they can cook with tools they are familiar with. You don’t want to get food poisoning from undercooked sausages after all.

If you bring a slow cooker with you, you can prepare in the morning and leave it stewing. When you come back at the end of a long hike, a hot meal will be ready for you. Bring along a hand blender and you can enjoy fresh fruit smoothies during your vacay too.

Just opt for roasting marshmallows on the fire instead!

Don’t Miss the Home Comforts

Some campers need some of the home comforts to keep them going. Such as a cup of coffee. When camping without facilities, making a cup of joe can be an immense task.

With a generator, you can wake up early and enjoy your morning fix without having to search for firewood. That morning caffeine boost may be all you need to make the most out of your trip back to nature.

Bring Entertainment

Entertainment when camping can vary from board games to telling scary stories around the campfire. But with a generator, you can turn your camping experience into an entertainment center.

Don’t bring your TV set, use your generator to connect up a projector. Hang up a screen, and you’ve got your own outdoor cinema experience. There really is nothing better than enjoying an outdoor screening.

Of course, if you’re in a campsite with other hard-core campers, others may not appreciate your entertainment choices. Always think about your surroundings before you start blasting the latest Avengers movie on a big screen.

Save Some Dosh

While you may not be able to afford a luxury vacation somewhere on a white sandy beach, you can probably afford a weekend away camping. Barebone camping may seem like a real downgrade. But if you add some luxury items, you won’t miss staying in a hotel.

You’ll not only save money on accommodation but travel expenses too. Even if you live in the middle of a big city, you only need to travel a few hours here or there to find a beautiful national park to pitch up in.

As well as accommodation and travel expenses, you can save major dosh on food. This is because you’ll mostly be cooking for yourself. And because you’re far away from the shops, you’ll keep your money safe in your pocket.

Your economical trip will make memories that last a lifetime.

It Eases You in Gently

Maybe you really want to try some hard-core camping out in the wilderness but you’re a newbie. Camping in this way, with a generator and extra luxuries, will ease you in gently. You’ll be ready for your next adventure, without it being such a shock to the system.

But if you’re a well-seasoned camper and your partner isn’t, you can still have the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the camping experience, while your other half brings along a few creature comforts. They might feel that dreaded camping isn’t so bad after all!

Extra Generator Tips

Now you know how a generator can benefit your camping trip, what’s next? Time to look for a portable generator. Here are a few things to look for when choosing the right generator for your camping trip.

Know the type of generator you need. Many campers use “recreational generators” which are usually small and portable. There are also large generators available, but they are not appropriate for the average camper.

Before you buy, try to figure out how much power you plan to use. Adding everything up will help you to find the best generator for your needs.

Noise level is also important. If pumping up a noisy generator is going to ruin the peace, it may not be worth camping in the wild at all. Check the noise level before you buy.

Camping Trip Checklist

As well as your generator, don’t forget these other camping essentials:

Of course, you can add anything onto your camping trip checklist. But don’t forget the purpose of your vacay is to get away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. Leaving a few home comforts behind will give you the chance to experience the real camping experience!

Get Roped into Camping!

While camping is a great opportunity to take a break from the fast-paced world we live in, it doesn’t mean you have to go all Tarzan and Jane style. Instead of removing yourself entirely from the civilized world, take a few conveniences with you with the help of a generator.

Your camping experience will, no doubt, be a more refreshing one!

If a tenting experience feels too much to ask (even with a generator) don’t worry. You don’t have to lose out on the camping experience. Try a caravan instead!

Click here to find out why staying in a caravan is WAY better than staying in a hotel.

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