Burglar Alarms: How They Secure Our Lives

In a true sense burglar alarms is more of another beautiful application of scientific research that makes the best house security system. It is not just to notify you about burglars’ intrusion but it also acts like your senses when you are not around. Burglar alarms work as your eyes when you are away.

There are numerous principles on which these divine systems work but the most important one is the opening and closing of an electronic circuit.

  • If the alarm is based on the principle of flashlights, then it works like your eyes.
  • If it works on the principle of infrared then it acts as your skin
  • If it is based on ultrasound then the alarm acts as your ears.

New technology in Burglar Alarms

Now with the advent of technology we also see our sense of smell being used for burglar alarms. According to a research conducted at the University of Glasgow by the department of anthropology every human has a signature scent that is as unique as his fingerprints or his retina scan. So in this particular burglar alarm the odor of every family member is fed into the system during the installation and if anyone else gets in the sensor detects the smell and creates an alert.

The working principle of burglar alarm

The most common principle used in a burglar alarm is simply the open and close circuit. So when the door is closed the circuit is completed or closed, the current flows continuously. When the door is opened the circuit breaks and this action triggers the alarm system. Open circuit alarms work just the opposite way, and in this when the door is opened, the circuit is completed and the current starts flowing in the circuit and triggers the alarm. The closed circuit alarms though expensive but is comparatively safer because open circuit alarms can be disarmed by simply cutting off the wire.

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Infrared alarms

Infrared sensors on the other hand work a lot like closed circuit alarm. There is a regular flow of a particular amount of radiation and as soon as the sensor detects even a minor change in the radiation flow then the alarm is triggered. The same concept is used in the ultrasound alarm.

Wide range of choice

They come in wide range and the price for these may start as low as $25-30, and in this type of system it simply sets off an audio alarm. There are some systems are as efficient as giving off visual danger alerts (flickering of lights) along with an audio alarm. In fact, it not only tells the neighbors about the intruders but it also sends a signal to the nearest police station. Some systems are integrated with intruders-handling tools too like electrocuted nets, automated locks etc.

Burglar alarms have revolutionized the way our security can be looked at. You can now have a 24×7 watch on your property without being physically present there. Moreover, it also gives you the peace of mind while you are away from your home or office. There are multiple types of burglar alarms that you can purchase depending on the kind of security that you desire to have and the amount that you are looking to spend for the same.

The burglar alarm systems are pretty easy to get and installed. You can find a decent number of websites selling these and these also come with an installation guide. However, if you want to be sure about them being fit correctly, you can ask an expert to come over to your place and do the job for you! If you would like to know more then go through this link and get some more details.

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